Thursday , 29 September 2022

RC Suspension Tuning Guide – Shock Mounting Positions

RC Tuning - Shock Mounting Positions

What are Shock Mounting Positions?
There are many different configurations for mounting the Shocks. On most cars, there are multiple locations on the shock tower as well as on the suspension arm.

Each location changes the handling of the car. It is also suggested that you check the ride height of your car every time you change the Shock Mounting Location.

Tuning with Shock Mounting Positions
On the front, laying the Shock down will make the Shock feel softer (as the car rolls) and will increase steering, but decrease damping. Standing the front Shock up will make the Shock feel stiffer (as the car rolls) and will decrease steering, but increase damping. On the rear, standing the Shock up will decrease traction (or add steering), but increase damping. Laying the rear shock down will increase traction, but decrease damping. As a rule, the more traction the track has, the more you can stand the Shocks up.

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