Thursday , 29 September 2022

RC Suspension Tuning Guide – Steering Throw Symmetry

RC Tuning - Steering Throw Symmetry

What is Steering Throw Symmetry?
When you build your RC car for the first time (or pull it out of the box if it’s an RTR), the steering turnbuckles are set to the correct length so that your front tires turn an equal distance to the left and right. This is call Steering Throw Symmetry, and it ensures your car will turn equally to the left and right. If for some reason it doesn’t, the throw can be easily adjusted using the steering turnbuckles.

Tuning with Steering Throw Symmetry
Turning equally left-to-right is important to make sure you car handles the same in both directions. There are two ways to adjust this throw.

1) One way is adjust the steering throw is to lengthen or shorten the steering turnbuckles until the throw is the same.
2) If your transmitter has EPA (End Point Adjustment), you can dial in or remove steering throw. This is the easiest way. Just be sure not to over-extend the steering. This could cause binding or additional stress on the steering servo.

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