Friday , 7 May 2021

Video – GrandPrix3D Vintage F1 Unboxing | CompetitionX

The GP3D Vintage F1 car is probably the world’s first production (so to speak) RC Car! Comprised of approximately 95% 3D-printed parts, this 1960’s based F1 car combines RC with model-kit-level detail.

Almost every part on this kit is 3D-printed – body, brakes, suspension, engine, driver – it’s an amazing feat of manufacturing to have this amount of detail while still being a functional RC car.

The GP3D F1 car comes in two flavors: Roller and Package Deal. The roller comes with everything you need to build the car – body, wheels, Pro-Line VTA tire set, driver and realistic engine and gearbox – while the Package Deal includes the Roller parts plus a 2845-sized brushless motor and Savox SH-0255MG micro servo.

This car has as some other crazy-cool features which we go into detail with in this unboxing video. Take a look and let us know what you think!

We think it’s already amazing and we haven’t even started building it yet. Stay tuned for a complete build video and some on-track performance!

Enjoy the video.

GP3D Vintage F1 Car:
Savox SH-0255MG Servo:
Racerstar 2845 Sensorless Brushless Motor:
Futaba 7PX Radio System:
Pro-Line VTA Tires (F):
Pro-Line VTA Tires (R):




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