Review: Aquacraft Motley Crew Catamaran
Monday , 29 November 2021

Review: Aquacraft Motley Crew Catamaran

Review: Aquacraft Motley Crew Catamaran

Full-size Catamarans are wicked fast. At speeds of over 130mph on the water, I’ve heard the term, “liquid NASCAR” used quite a few times. These guys run with the throttles wide open, fearlessly skipping across the tops of the waves. Aquacraft has captured this adrenaline-pumping madness with this officially licensed Motley Crew replica. It certainly has the Looks That Kill!

MADE BY: Aquacraft
MADE FOR: Intermediate to advanced

Review: Aquacraft Motley Crew Catamaran

Review: Aquacraft Motley Crew Catamaran• The Motley Crew Catamaran’s durable, fiberglass hull is capped by a fiberglass hatch that helps keep all the electronics dry should you encounter any disasters on the high seas.

• For worry-free control, Aquacraft has installed the Tactic 2.4GHz radio system. This system eliminates signal interference and gets you up and on the water in no time.

• For maximum power, a watercooled, 6-pole, 1800Kv brushless motor is coupled to a 60A Electronic Speed Control (also watercooled). To juice the system up, the Motley Crew accepts a pair of 2S LiPo batteries that fit nicely in the plastic tub.

Review: Aquacraft Motley Crew Catamaran• To help efficiently transfer all this power to the water, Deans Ultra Plugs have been installed on the ESC. These plugs reduce the amount of through-the-connector power loss and won’t seize or melt under the extreme heat.

• The black-anodized rudder and strut are genuine GrimRacer, aluminum parts. Aquacraft made sure they installed quality components for performance and durability.

• VERY fast! In fact, the speed is enough to Kickstart My Heart
• Highly maneuverable – can corner at full throttle
• Over 10 minutes of run time on a pair of 2S LiPo packs
• 2.4GHz transmitter system

• No reverse on speed control to help clear a weeded prop

Review: Aquacraft Motley Crew Catamaran

In The Beginning of our test session, we spent some time on the bench, charging batteries as the MCC runs on two 7.4V LiPo’s wired in series. With charged batteries, we headed off to the pond, but once there, we didn’t even get to unload the boat as we forgot to grab some hatch tape which is not included. After a short trip back to the office to grab tape, we were back at the pond powering up the electronics and sealing the hatch shut.

With a slight toss into the water the MCC instantly was up on plane and ripping across the calm pond. I rounded the first right-hand turn, backed off the throttle a hair and the hull bit into the water and smoothly turned the boat back in my direction. There was zero sign of porpoising and the boat, now cutting through its ripples, was not phased by rougher water. The speed the MCC dishes out is absolutely incredible, a monstrous roost flew up into the air and I again backed off the throttle a bit to try an even tighter turn. The MCC again cut through the water smoothly and turned right back around and down the straight shoot. I had a serious grin on my face as I hammered on the throttle; this boat is an absolute blast to drive.

Run time was over ten minutes and towards the end, I found myself even more confident driving this boat and was running full throttle through the turns. Walter set up to shoot some video and I backed off the throttle while he got in position. Little did I know though, the batteries were drained and the cut-off kicked in and the boat cut out in the middle of the pond. I watched the boat Driftaway towards a waterfall. I grabbed my retrieval fishing pole, but with no cleats on the hull, I couldn’t catch the boat. Luckily I was able to run over to the falls and fish it out with the poll before disaster. I popped the hatch and noticed the electronics were slightly warm meaning the water cooling system was working perfectly. After throwing some new packs in, I was out for more action and I knew I’d be leaving this test session with Starry Eyes!

The Motley Crew Catamaran is a real Live Wire. With its insane speed and awesome handling, it only took me about Ten Seconds to Love it. It’s a lot of boat for a first-timer but its incredible stability at high speeds leaves me confident that anyone can drive it. Don’t be thinking for one second that the Motley Crew Catamaran is the Same Ol’ Situation; it’s a new breed of Cat that is sure to make you feel like a rock star!

AquaCraft Models, distributed exclusively by Great Planes
Model Distributors,, (800) 682-8948
MaxAmps,, (888) 654-4450

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