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Ansmann Royal Flash Has the Backwards Blues

Ansmann Royal Flash Has the Backwards Blues

Hey Doc-
I have an Ansmann Racing Royal Flash – when I switch the car on, motor starts to turn backwards without any throttle being used. I can adjust the throttle trim to stop if from moving but it still continues to buzz. Can you please advise what the issue may be?


Hi Steve,
It sounds like the calibration between the ESC and radio my be off. My first suggestion would be to re-calibrate it. You can check the manual for that or, if you don’t have it, you can download one from our site:

While I’ve never had an Ansmann product, here is the typical way you would use to reset an ESC:

1) Center the throttle trim on the radio and turn it on.
2) Press the SET button on the ESC and turn the car on – there may be some beeps or flashing lights. Wait a few seconds until it settles and proceed to step 3.
3) With the throttle at neutral, press the SET button once. This will calibrate throttle-stick neutral. You may also hear a beep or see the lights change.
4) Pull full throttle and press the SET button again. This will calibrate full throttle – possibly more beeps or flashing lights.
5) Move the throttle to full brake, press the SET button one more time. This will calibrate full brake followed by beeps or flashing lights.
6) Turn off the car AND the transmitter, wait a sec, then turn both back on again. You should be good to go from here on out.

As far as the buzzing sound, are you sure it’s coming from the motor? If it is, try adjusting the throttle trim a little more … it may just be right at the edge of moving and the squeal is just power being put to the motor but not quite enough to move the car.

I ask about the buzzing because usually that comes from the servo, not the motor. If it is coming from the servo, it’s similar to the motor – power is being sent to the servo but it’s not quite enough to move it.

Either way, this should help get you fixed right up!

Good luck!
The Doc

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