Kyosho Plazma Ra 1/12 Scale Chassis

Kyosho Plazma Ra 1/12 scale chassis

Kyosho Plazma Ra 1/12 scale chassis

Kyosho Japan has announced their latest addition to their Plazma lineup. The Ra is a competition-level 1/12 Scale that features a 1S LiPo chassis, side damper tubes and red anodized parts. It will accept the standard US-type wheels and almost any 1/12 Scale body will fit. It is slated to be in stores by the end of the 2011 year.

Length: 271mm
Width: 166mm
Overall Height: 50mm
Wheelbase: 200mm
Tread (F / R): 164mm/166~172mm
Tire (F / R): Over / Φ41mm Φ41mm more
Gear Ratio: 1:1
All-up Weight: Approximately 730g (normative JMRCA)
Motor: Brushless (optional)

Required for operation (separate purchase)
• Mini Servo for car radio companies 2ch1
• Brushless Motor
• ESC for Brushless Motors
• One cell for 1 / 12 (3.7V) Li-Po battery
• Travel battery charger
• Tire
• Wheel
• 1/12 Racing Car Body
• Tool
• Paint for body
• Batteries for radio
• Pinion gear


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