RB One 1:8th Scale Buggy

RB One 1:8th Scale Buggy

RB One 1:8th Scale Buggy

After 2 years of research & development, RB is happy to show you the most advanced Ready to Run buggy! The new Concept by RB…

Car Features:
• 1/8 offroad assembled car
• Anodized V-type chassis (also folded at the back to avoid tailgating on jumps)
• Front and back chassis frame
• Stone guards
• Last generation geometry, adjustable, modern and efficient
• Servo saver mounted on bearings (4) and adjustable hardness
• Adjustable servo saver plate
• Fully equipped with reversible threaded track rods
• Adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars
• Big shocks with real bellows
• Mud flaps for the rear
• Transmission 100% on bearings
• CVD driv shafts with bellows
• Steel central spur gear
• Transmission with bevel gear
• 3 differential with conical gears
• Double epoxy discs brake on springs
• Adjustable braking power
• Adjustable braking balance front/rear
• Waterproof and compact radio tray (protected connections)
• Monoblock engine mount
• Aluminum center diff mount
• 100% allen type screws
• In-line throttle/brake linkage system
• Low profile and pre oiled double foam air filter
• 3 shoes clutch (with carbon shoes)
• Anti splash fuel tank with integrated filter
• Fuel lines secured by clips
• Adjustable with with aerodynamic diffuser
• Painted lexan body
• Black/chrome rims
• Closed wheel nuts
• Long life tires with inserts

Engine Features:
• RB high performance 3.5cc engine with serial number
• Strengthened crankcase with additional cooling fins and anti front bearing leaking system
• Machined piston with tuned 3 ports + 2 by pass sleeve
• Lightened racing conrod
• Turbo conbustion chamber with turbo plug
• Black cooling head providing a perfect cooling
• 14mm tuned crankshaft
• Composite cage bearings
• Aluminum/Nylon anti vapor lock carburetor
• Patented pull start system
• In-line exhaust pipe and manifold

Radio Features:
• Transmitter/receiver 2.4GHz technology
• Metal geared ball bearing steering servo
• Receiver battery pack
• Charger

• Fuel bottle, glow starter and assembling tools
• Color instruction manual
• Dimensions: 509x306x209mm (20.04×12.05×8.23 inches)

Item Needed to Complete Assembly:
• 8 batteries 1.5V AA for transmitter
• 1 battery 1.5V LR14 for the glow igniter
• RC fuel

[source: www.rbproducts.com]

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