Eat. Sleep. RC. May 2016 Project Giveaway Car – Winner Announcement

Eat. Sleep. RC. May 2016 Project Giveaway Car – Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Amanda Hallman for winning the May 2016 Pro-Line Giveaway car!

Pro-Line Racing –
DuraTrax –
Futaba –
Sharkbait Designworks-

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-Video transcript-

Hey everyone!

Tony Phalen here with CompetitionX and today we’re at Pro-Line’s Headquarters in Beaumont California to pull the winning name for the May Eat. Sleep. RC. Giveaway. As you can see we have the completed PRO-MT truck as well as Paul Willhite from their graphics team. He’ll be helping us out with the name pull today.

How’s it going Paul.

Pretty good Tony. How are ya?

Good, good to meet you.

Great to you out here. I tell ya what, I am excited for whoever gets this truck. This thing looks amazing.

Ya, we did a great job – we have Futaba in there, LRP as well, body is done by Sharkbait Designworks – it’s actually the same guy that does the paints for all of Team Associated’s cars.


Ya, it came out really good.

I tell ya what, I was just out driving my PRO-MT a couple days ago and I want to go again. It’s just so much fun, popping wheelies, doing burn-outs. We got the new Badlands MX tires coming out too, man, this just looks great.

Maybe I should just take this one and go outside and play.

Ya, let’s go.

We’ll test it for you.

We’ll get it broken in for you. We’ll make sure it works just right.

Alright, so we have our bucket of names here – ready to pull a name?

Ya, let’s do it.

Our bucket of names – I’ll do the initial stir. We had a little over 600 names. Alright, you want to go ahead and give it your own personal touch.

Reach way down here, get one from the middle there.

Alright, Amanda Hallman, congratulations.

Awesome! We’ll be in touch with you in a day or two to get your information about your vehicle and how we’ll get it sent over to you.

CompetitionX would like to thank everyone involved with this month’s giveaway – Pro-Line Racing, Futaba, LRP, Duratrax and Sharkbait Designworks – and, of course, Paul. Please take a moment and check out their links in the description below.

I’d also like to thank everyone who signed up and don’t forget, we clear the names and you will need to re-submit your entry to win June’s custom giveaway car. Head over to for more information. Thanks alot

Thanks Paul.

Bye Tony.

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  1. I wished that I could win one for my cousin he always wanted one.

  2. Well we’ll be having giveaways throughout the rest of the year so keep signing up and maybe you’ll get lucky!

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