HPI 1/8 Scale Gasoline Engine

HPI 1/8 Scale Gasoline Engine
HPI 1/8 Scale Gasoline Engine

The brand new HPI 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine engine combines these fantastic properties with all the excitement of an all-new petrol engine!

Think of a standard nitro engine…and now imagine:
More than double the runtime…
Cheaper fuel costs…
Widely available fuel…
Easier starting…
No tuning hassle…
Quieter running…
Cleaner running…

The HPI 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine engine is a gasoline 2-stroke engine with outer dimensions only slightly larger than a big block nitro car or truck engine. This revolutionary size will allow the HPI 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine to fit in RC cars where gasoline engines never could before.

So what are the advantages of this engine over the standard nitro methane-powered engines you’re used to?

Increased Runtimes
The HPI 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine will get at least double the runtime per tank of fuel, meaning you get more fun before refuelling and more bang for your buck!

Hugely Reduced Running Costs
Standard gasoline is much cheaper than Nitro fuel, plus spark plugs lasting much longer than glow plugs, so the HPI 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine engine allows the RC hobbyist to have extremely reduced running costs.

Widely available fuel
With the HPI 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine engine, it’s now much easier to find fuel at any full-size car service station, anywhere in the world. Simply fill up a fuel can and grab a bottle of 2-stroke oil and away you go to enjoy your car or truck!

Easier to Start
Just like the engine in the Baja buggies and trucks, the HPI 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine is extremely easy to start and there’s NO fussing with carb settings. Pull the starter cord and off you go!

No Tuning Hassle
Instead of worrying about things like temperature and humidity to fine tune a nitro engine every time you run your car the HPI 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine engine is much more tolerant with its carburetor settings. The on-board electronics provide fine control and do all the tuning work for you.

Much Cleaner
With the 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine engine, you no longer have to deal with the “nitro goop” that covers your car after running a nitro engine. With a lower oil-to-fuel mixture compared to nitro methane fuels, the HPI 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine engine will run much cleaner making it easy to clean up your vehicle after running.

A Complete Engine System
The eXtreme Gas engine system isn’t just an engine – it includes the engine itself, electronics to keep the engine running smoothly and cables to connect everything. It’s a complete drop-in solution to adding loads of extra, usable power with a low running cost and maximum impact!

The HPI 1/8th scale Gasoline Engine is truly The Next Big Thing in RC car and truck innovation – it’s cheaper to run, easier to start, cleaner and quieter!

Available March 2011

[source: www.hpiracing.com]

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  1. What month is this engine coming our for sale???

  2. It is way past March 11′, whats the new date?

  3. I contacted HPI and they told me soon. My guess is that they will release it in a vehicle first, then as a separate item.

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