New Bodies from Protoform – AMR-12 PRO-Lite and the Swift -235 Pro-10

New Bodies from Protoform - AMR-12 PRO-Lite and the Swift -235 Pro-10

Protoform has two new bodies out, one for 1:12 scale and one for 1:10 Pro-10 racers!

The AMR-12 has been a favorite for 1:12 scale racers, now available in PRO-Lite! This is a lightweight version of the body used to win multiple National and World championships. The PRO-Lite version is recommended for expert drivers who rarely crash; it does save weight but at the same time can be quite fragile.

The next body up is the Swift-235, a 235mm body designed for 1:10 PRO-10 pan cars. This is a super-sick looking body designed to be low and sleek, cutting through the air while still providing excellent downforce. It also includes three different-sized Gurney flaps and side-dam extenders to fine tune the airflow depending on track conditions.

I don’t know about you, but both of these bodies are making me want to get back into pan car racing!!!!

1611-15 Protoform AMR-12 PRO-Lite 1:12 Scale Body
1553-30 Protoform Swift-235 1:10 PRO-10 Body

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