New Tamiya Vehicles at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair

New Tamiya Vehicles at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair

Tamiya has announced a few new rides at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair in Germany. Let’s take a look at what’s hitting the shelves this year. (Larger photos at the end of the post).

New Tamiya Vehicles at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair#56348 1:14 Mercedes-Benz Actros 3363 6×4 GigaSpace
Tamiya is known for their awesome big rigs, so it’s good to see another one headed for our shores. The Mercedes Benz uses Tamiya’s famous 3-axle drivetrain and 3-speed transmission, all hung on metal leaf springs and built-in coil springs. The Actros 3363 body is beautiful, with a ton of plated parts for scale realism. This truck is compatible with Tamiya’s Multi-Function Control Unit for realistic LED lights and sound.

New Tamiya Vehicles at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair#58629 Mercedes-Benz G 320 Cabrio
This truck is based on the 1997-2001 G-Class ride, featuring a short wheelbase and soft-convertible top. The 4WD, MF-01X chassis uses a rear-mounted motor system for excellent traction and the monocoque frame helps keep dirt and debris out. Includes Tamiya’s TBLE-02S ESC and Torque-tuned motor. It’s a great looking truck that I’m anxious to get my hands on!

New Tamiya Vehicles at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair#58630 Plasma Edge II
Based on the TT-02B chassis, the Plasma Edge II is a updated version that features a tweaked body design and long suspension arms, CVA shocks, buggy bumpers and a new sticker sheet. The tub-design frame has all the electronics and battery sitting low in the chassis for better handling and a wide range of option parts allow you to tune and upgrade the Edge as your budget allows.

New Tamiya Vehicles at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair#58631 Subaru Impreza Monte-Carlo ’99
Tamiya’s Subaru Impreza Monte-Carlo is based on the 1999 WRC racer. Starting with the TT-02 tub-chassis, the Subie features a full-time 4WD system for superior traction. Realistic gold-colored 16-spoke wheels are wrapped with rally block tires, all capped by a stunning body that includes the stickers, molded side-mirrors and rear wing. A TBLE-02S ESC and Torque-tuned motor are also included.

New Tamiya Vehicles at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair#84424 M-05 Ver.II R Chassis Kit
Available as a limited edition kit, the M-05 Ver.II R is a refined, race-spec version of the Ver.II Pro chassis. It features dedicated M-Chassis double-cardan driveshafts, TRF short shocks, lightweight battery holders, aluminum steering posts and servo mounts – just to name a few parts. It also uses hex screws!!!! A limited edition kit wouldn’t be special without some signifying characteristic, so Tamiya has done away with the blue anodizing in favor of stealth black. This is a full-factory hop up ride and it looks awesome!

New Tamiya Vehicles at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair#58632 Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS
While this may look like your standard Tamiya big rig, a keen eye will notice that the body doesn’t quite look the same – and you’d be right. This MAN TGS rolls on a TT-01 Type-E chassis and features a 4-piece, lightweight polycarbonate body. The shaft-driven 4WD system provides excellent acceleration and the newly designed 70mm radial tires and wheels finish off the awesome deign. This look like an awesome truck to drive and could be the vehicle that starts a big rig racing class!

New Tamiya Vehicles at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair#58627 Mitsubishi Pajero Custom Low Rider Black Special
Time to get your pimp on with Tamiya’s great-looking Mitsu Pajero Low Rider. It is based on the CC-01 chassis and features a lowering kit and pre-painted Pajero body with quite a few plated parts. The lowering kit includes plated dish wheels, low-profile tires, a 20T pinion, white springs and flanged spacers. Includes Tamiya’s TBLE-02S ESC.

New Tamiya Vehicles at the 2016 Nürnberg Toy Fair#58628 Racing Fighter
The Racing Fighter is an exciting new release based on the DT-03 chassis. Designed for beginners to get their feet wet, this kit uses a monocoque frame, longitudinal battery placement and an effective 4-wheel double-wishbone suspension. Oil-filled shocks, soft tires and a rear-mounted gearbox round out the platform. The Racing Fighter comes with Tamiya’s TBLE-02S ESC and has a slew of performance parts available when your budget allows.


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