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R1 Wurks Digital-3 ESC | CompetitionX

R1 Wurks Digital 3 ESC | CompetitionX

R1 Wurks has a killer new ESC on the way – the Digital-3 ESC! This new power pack has some pretty incredible features – LCG full aluminum heat-sink case design, superior FETs, 30mm cooling fan and more.

On top of that, the Digital-3 comes loaded with Wireless Programming, allowing you to tweak the ESC’s onboard features via your smart phone (Apple-only at this time).

Here’s the short list (ya right) of programmable features:

• Model Type Memory
• Select Battery Type
• Cut Off Voltage
• Power Curve
• Boost Max+TB
• Boost-TH. Limit
• Boost Min-rpm
• Boost Max-rpm
• Turbo Delay
• Turbo + Slope
• Turbo – Slope
• Acceleration
• Start Power
• Smooth Start Rate
• Smooth Start Range
• Reverse Function
• Reverse Delay
• M- Reverse Amount
• Neutral Width
• Motor Direction
• Brake Response
• FAN Control
• Drag Brake
• Min Brake Amount
• Mid Brake Amount
• Mid Brake Location
• Max Brake Amount
• Soft Brake
• Brake Freq
• Motor Freq
• Drag Freq
• Cut Off Temp
• Cut Off M-Temp
• B.E.C Voltage
• Motor Pole Num
• Gear Ratio
• Tire Diameter
• Motor-Wiring ABC or CBA
• Units
• Download
• Factory Setting
• Live and Maximum Voltage
• Live and Maximum Temp
• Max Temperature
• Motor Temp
• Motor Max Temp
• Live and Maximum amp draw (for setting timing)
• Maximum Speed
• Maximum RPM
• Error History

Safe to say this is pretty much moving the ESC game up a notch!

040007 R1 Wurks Digital-3 ESC

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