RB Innovations HPI Baja SuperCharger

RB Innovations HPI Baja SuperCharger
RB Innovations HPI Baja SuperCharger

The supercharger has proven to be one of the most effective means for obtaining increased power from an internal combustion engine without having to make major engine modifications. This new supercharger is highly evolved and thoroughly tested in every environment. This system is belt driven and features o-ring seals, chrome plated housing, custom clutch plate, custom clutch housing, light-weight aluminum impeller, high speed idler pulleys, gaskets and mounting hardware kit. If you’re looking for more power from your 1/5th scale engine this is the ultimate upgrade! It will mount to any CY or Zenoah engine using a 54mm clutch system. A conversion kit will be available to allow the systems to be used with reed style engines.

This system will fit any HPI Baja 5B/T or similar vehicle. System will work great with our Hyper-Charger or GT-V Air filter Systems.

Technical Specs:
• Drive system ; This system is belt driven from the engines crankshaft using a custom clutch plate. The clutch plate drives our high strength drive belt manufactured from a proprietary blend of materials. This belt allows our high speed 90 degree driveline to be extremely efficient. Power loss due to driveline restrictions is extremely important especially with smaller engines. The main super-charger pulley can be changed for increased overdrive and boost.

• Impeller Assembly; The heart of this centrifugal supercharger is the impeller with it’s sophisticated design. We manufacture the impellers using an extremely strong but light-weight proprietary aluminum alloy. This process secures close dimensional tolerance and excellent surface finish. Each impeller is dynamically balanced which delivers smooth operation.

• Housing Assembly; In order to effectively take advantage of impeller design, flow must be efficiently channeled so that pressure rise can be generated with minimal losses. The housing is optimally matched to the impeller flow providing maximum efficiency with this supercharger design. The housing is chrome plated and has O-ring seals. Incorporated into the housing design is the fuel pump pulse line which channels the pulse from the engine to the carburetor. Built into the housing in a nitrous injection port which allows easy nitrous installation.

[source: www.rbinnovations.com]

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