Rogue Element Components 3-Spoke Wheel Knockoff Nuts

Rogue Element Components 3-Spoke Wheel Knockoff Nuts
Rogue Element Components 3-Spoke Wheel Knockoff Nuts

O.K., it’s been a while since my last offering, sorry! (The Baja kits have shipped, just FYI.) Anyway, one day a few months back I made the mistake of posting a pic on a forum of the ONE knockoff I hand-made for my Sand Scorcher spare tyre: Since that day, I’ve been astounded at the requests for these that came flooding in. Since I do my best to make what people want, these went on the list but took forever to figure out how to make ’em efficiently without a CNC lathe. Some creative tool grinding, and I FINALLY got some that I’m very happy with!

The angled ‘ears’ were the big pain, but lend, I think, quite a bit more character to these that the flat, kinda sad, older units made by other manufacturers in the past. You know me by now, if I can’t make something better, prettier or both, I don’t bother.

A couple points to know about these little gems:

-To retain the scale look, these do NOT have the usual Nylok nut pressed into them, like my other nuts, therefore are for shelf queens, show cars, and/or LIGHT running if you Loc-Tite them on. Don’t blame me if you put them on your brushless 19.43 volt DirtZilla & lose one! These are drilled with roll-formed threads, meaning a better, stronger thread than using a standard cutting tap. Made of 6061-T6 Aluminum.

-These come in sets of 4 nuts, with a choice of FOUR (4) threads, and when you place a deposit, PLEASE tell me what you need and make SURE- I don’t make a bunch of extras! If you get it wrong it may be too late, so take 2 seconds & double-check your threads. Choices are:
-Metric M4 x .7


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