Rogue Element Components Slipper Clutch Adjustment Button (SCAB)

Rogue Element Components Slipper Clutch Adjustment Button (SCAB)
Rogue Element Components Slipper Clutch Adjustment Button (SCAB)

So! I am calling these a ‘New’ product, but some may remember these from years ago, before I was established. They are an REC Original design, and the batch I ran before was very, very popular, so it’s time to re-introduce this cool product.

The pics should be self-explanatory, but for clarity here are some points: Basically, the SCAB allows you to adjust your slipper clutch with NO tools to carry/remember, no wheel removal, and no hassle. The slipper is a critical piece of the drivetrain, and fine-tuning it is not only an aid in finding traction but a tranny-gear saver. While R/C Tech has gone nuts the last few years- LiPo batteries, Brushless motors, 2.4GHz radios, etc. people are STILL pulling a rubber plug & carrying tools to adjust the clutch?? Egad! Bring your rear end into this century with a Genuine Rogue Element SCAB!

These are made from superior 7075 (for Hi-Strength & Light Weight!) Aluminum, Black Anodized, & Engraved with Re-Machined Silver Highlights: a Stainless spring and a Genuine RPM Gear Cover- Can’t get much higher quality than that! The SCAB only has a couple thousandths (.002″) clearance in the cover, so nothing capable of damaging gears can get in. Here’s how it works:

1-You push the unit in to engage the slipper nut.
2- Turn to adjust.
3- The spring, along with a slight pull at most disengages it from the drivetrain, so it does NOT spin with the top shaft.

Installation takes 2 screws (Included w/AE, Traxxas use stock screws.) I think most chaps can handle all this: If not, I doubt you’ve managed to read this far and are possibly institutionalized, so I anticipate 100% success to all buyers! Hooray!

A quick Google will turn up what people thought of these last time they were out if you’re curious. These are available for Associated and Traxxas at present: The Associated model fits the T4/B4/T4.1/B4.1/SC10, and the Traxxas model fits the Slash/Bandit/Elec. Rustler/Elec. Stampede 2WD including all versions of the XL-5 & VXL. They are the newest covers & need no mods to install, and get rid of the factory cover’s large dirt-sucking gap.

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