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Tamiya TRF420 Chassis Kit | CompetitionX

Tamiya TRF420 Chassis Kit | CompetitionX

The secret is out – Tamiya has announced their next-gen super touring car, the TRF420. We’ve got some first photos of the new TC, albeit a bit pixelated, but expect some proper ones here in the near future.

Based on the info on their site, this new ride will have quite a few updates over the 419(X/XR) – let’s take a look:

42346 TRF420 Wheel Axles (2 Pcs.)
42347 TRF420 Carbon Upper Deck
42348 TRF420 Carbon Lower Deck
42349 TRF420 Carbon Upper Deck 1.75mm
42350 TRF420 Aluminum Lower Deck
51636 TRF420 3x43mm Suspension Shafts (4 Pcs.)
51637 TRF420 3×25/22mm Suspension Shaft (2 Pcs.)
51638 TRF420 C-Parts (Front Uprights)
51639 TRF420 D-Parts (Suspension Arms)
51640 TRF420 E -Parts (Rear Uprights)
51641 TRF420 F-Parts
51642 TRF420 F Direct Pulley (37T)
51643 TRF420 Diff Pulley & Case (37T)
51644 TRF420 B-Parts (Bumper)
51645 TRF420 K-Parts (Bearing Holders)
51646 TRF420 Rear Belt (62T)
54886 TRF419 Suspension Upgrade Set

• 4WD drivetrain utilizes 2 belts to drive the front/center direct pulley and rear gear differential
• New gear diff pulley and case parts – saves 1.5g
• Newly designed diff parts help prevent oil leakage
• Lightweight front direct pulley and direct holder – saves 2g
• Direct cups use a screw to attach, making replacement extremely easy
• New double cardan universal shaft design
• 2mm thick upper and lower carbon fiber double-deck frame
• New suspension arm that use bushing inserts to allow different handling characteristics
• Increased rear traction thanks to the rear arm’s 3mm offset
• Adjustable aluminum suspension mounts with plastic pills
• Updated steering linkage and steering pivot components
• New bearing holders (on front spool and rear gear diff) provide more precise location and a super-smooth drivetrain
• New bumper design does not affect chassis’ roll characteristics
• New body mounts are 2mm offset to allow different body mount locations to fine tune your car’s center of balance
• New lightweight wheel axles weigh approximately 1.5g less than previous parts
• New, 3mm suspension shafts are made of durable stainless steel
• New 2-part front upright designs utilize separate arm and bearing housing components
• New rear uprights are re-designed for use with 3mm diameter shafts
• New front hub carriers have been revised for greater resistance to shocks and crashes. Compatible with 3mm diameter shafts

Along with the upper and lower decks, you can expect some minor tweaks to further enhance the performance of this car. Can’t imagine it being better than the TRF419XR but, you know, ok!!!!

Looking forward to another amazing TC from Tamiya!

42345 Tamiya TRF420 Chassis Kit

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