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Team Shepherd Velox V8 “Eleven”

Team Shepherd Velox V8 Eleven
Team Shepherd Velox V8 Eleven

We are happy to reveal some information concerning the upcoming Velox V8 “Eleven” 1/8th scale chassis with the latest upgrade containing some nice features to lift it to the next level.

Receiving the most attention, the rear end features a completely new rear anti-roll bar mount to ensure the best performance possible. Fixed directly to the rear bulkheads it now means no more tension stress on the ball bearings of the gear shaft, plus the position is much lower for an improved center of gravity. Ball-bearings eliminate possible play which results in a much quicker response. Combined with the three different wires available the new rear anti-roll bar is one of the highlights of the Velox V8 “Eleven. A new one-piece upper wishbone bracket gives additional stability and easy access for maintenance.

Also the radio plate and its mount are quite different. The new aluminium mount features a completely new flex system with a sliding bar fixed by ball bearings. The updated radio plate will be mounted on the sliding bar for optimized flex and to fix the radio plate and drive without flex only two screws are needed, removing the necessity to have two different radio plates ready. The single piece electronic tray features a laid down gasservo as well as the possibility to use a receiver box. Fixed by only three screws, all the electronics can quickly and easily removed for maintenance. Pricing information will be released at next month’s Toy Fair in Nuremberg and shipping is expected for March.


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  1. I want to know where could I get the price list for these cars ..I love the motonica P81RS and the Capricorn lab 801but its very pricey so please tell me what or where cod i save money cause ,I have no factor help so ,if you help with the pricing on both of thee t kits grace

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