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TOP Racing Sabre FD chassis

TOP Racing Sabre FD
TOP Racing Sabre FD

Another company hitting up the FWD class is TOP Racing. Their new Sabre FD chassis uses a unique FWD, gear-driven drive system. The extremely narrow chassis has red-anodized aluminum bulkheads and motor mounts. Ball differential, threaded shocks and carbon components are all standard equipment.

• Drive System: Gear Driven FWD
• Super Narrow Chassis Design
• Light Weight, Low Center of Gravity
• Alloy Bulkhead and Motor Mount: improve gear ventilation & heat dissipation.
• Alloy Threaded Racing Shocks
• Alloy hex Wheel Hubs
• Nickel Plated Steel Turnbuckles
• Differential: Front Ball Diff.
• Ackerman: 3-steps Adjustment
• Suspension Parts: Photon Compatible
• Weight Tray, Battery Guide & Positioning System: for weight balancing
• Easy Drive Train Maintenance
• Reversible Front & Rear Suspension Arms: more shock mounting positions

• 2.5mm Chassis
• 2.0mm top deck
• 3.0mm Shock Towers
• Drive Ratio: 3.134 internal
• Spur Gear Pitch: 0.6
• Chassis Length: 380mm
• Width: 190mm
• Wheelbase: 255-258 (adjustable)
• Kit Weight: 1,350g
• Camber: Adjustable Front & Rear
• Caster: 4-deg
• Toe: Adjustable Front & Rear
• Roll Center: Adjustable Front & Rear
• Down-Stops: Adjustable Front & Rear
• Ride Height: Adjustable Front & Rear
• Bump-Steer: Adjustable
• Anti-Dive/Kick-Up: Adjustable
• Full Ball Bearings


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