Venom Medion Dual Output DC Battery Charger

Venom Medion Dual Output DC Battery Charger
Venom Medion Dual Output DC Battery Charger

Once again, Venom leaves the competition behind with the all-new Medion™ Dual Output Charging station with integrated media player.

Venom engineers listened to our Factory Team Pilots and they wanted music! So, we developed a rugged
aluminum housed charger with a built-in media player featuring high definition 70mm drivers allowing you
to pipe in your favorite tunes from your iPod®, iPhone®, Android® or other music player via a standard
1/8th inch stereo input.

Need charging power? No worries! This groundbreaking charger features 400 watts of power via dual 200-watt circuits allowing for simultaneous charging of two batteries up to 10 amps each. The Medion™ also features a new IR-Mode™ internal resistance test. IR-Mode™ will test each cell individually and provides single cell and total pack resistance values so you can see the real-time condition of your LiPO and LiFe battery packs. All this technology is accessible through an easy-to-read red, backlit LCD display.

Stop cluttering your pit table or garage with multiple devices. The Venom Medion™ comes with an ultra bright articulating LED bench light, as well as a 5V 1A USB output for charging up your portable devices.

With the Venom Medion™, the party’s always in your pit!

Input Voltage: 11.0 – 18.0V
Circuit Power: 200W max charge x 2, 25W max discharge x 2
Charge Current: 0.1 – 10.0A x 2
Discharge Current: 0.1 – 5.0A x 2
Current Drain for LiPO Balance: 200mAh/cell
NiCD/NiMH Cell Count: 1-18 Series
Lithium Cell Count: 1-6 Series
Pb Voltage: 2-20V
Alarm Voltage: Lower than 10V or greater than 18V
Weight: 3 lbs 10 oz (1650 g)
Dimensions: 11.8 x 5.9 x 3.35 in (300 x 150 x 85 mm)
Balance Block: 2S-6S

– Dual 200-watt charge circuits
– Twin 70 mm Audio Drivers for crystal-clear sound
– 1/8 in Line-in compatible with any MP3 or Smartphone
– Charges LiPO, LiIO, LiFe, NiCD, NiMH, and PB (lead acid) batteries
– Integrated cell balancing software for LiPO, LiFe, and LilO packs
– IR-Mode™ measures the internal resistance of Lithium battery packs
– 5V/1A USB output to power smart phone charger or included LED Light
– Programmable battery profiles for up to 5 different battery types
– Programmable thermal temp alarm with auto shut down
– Capacity cut-off and timer safeguards
– Temperature controlled cooling fans
– Includes USB powered LED light
– Includes temp probe and balancing block
– Includes Traxxas®, EC5, EC3, Deans and Tamiya adaptor plugs
Traxxas® is a trademark of Traxxas Corp, Plano TX. iPod & iPhone are Trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is2a Trademark of Google Inc.

11V-18V DC Power Supply.

0668 Venom Medion™ Dual Output DC Battery Charger $229.99


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