XRay T3 2012 Touring Car
Thursday , 21 March 2019

XRay T3 2012 Touring Car

XRay T3 2012 Touring Car
XRay T3 2012 Touring Car

To improve one of the world’s best electric touring car is a demanding task that sometimes may seem like mission impossible. Since 2000 when the first T1 was launched the XRAY racing team along with the staff in R&D have been continuously working on improving the car each and every year.. With a long and distinguished history of racing achievements and groundbreaking, award-winning innovations, XRAY is proud to offer the 2012 version of the T3 platform… a top-quality “no-compromise” engineering marvel designed to put you in the Winners Circle.

The new T3 carries all the heritage and racing pedigree to again raise the bar higher. The T3 platform in its evolution process that has been redesigned and improved for 2012. No extras needed… just a desire to win.


All-new 2012 Specs:
• NEW chassis designs
• NEW redesigned top deck
• NEW front shock tower
• NEW rear shock tower
• NEW upper bulkheads
• NEW gear differential
• NEW steering blocks
• NEW servo saver
• NEW ball joints
• NEW servo position
• NEW optimized shock positions
• NEW optimized chassis flex
• NEW roll center positions
• Improved steering characteristics
• Increased traction
• Improved chassis balance

[source: www.teamxray.com]

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