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66 New Manuals added to the CompetitionX Manual Database

Free RC Manuals on CompetitionX
Free RC Manuals on CompetitionX

The following manuals have been added to the Free RC Electronic Speed Controls Manuals section of the CompetitionX Manuals Database:

• DuraTrax Brushless DX450 Motorcycle ESC
• DuraTrax ESC 15K
• Hacker JetiBox
• Hacker Master 3P
• Hacker X-Series
• Hacker X-Series Pro
• Hitec EZX-R
• Hitec EZX-R Pro
• Hitec HFX
• Hitec HFX-R
• Hitec SP-520
• Hitec SP-560
• Hitec SP-1801
• KO Propo KSC 1000FR
• KO Propo KSC 1100FR
• KO Propo KSC 1200F
• KO Propo VFS-1 BMC V1
• KO Propo VFS-1 Pro
• KO Propo VFS-1 FR
• LRP IPC V3.1 Generation+
• LRP IPC V4.1 Generation+
• LRP IPC V5.1 Generation+
• LRP IPC V8.1
• LRP Quantum Super Reverse 2
• LRP Sphere Competition TC Spec
• LRP SPX Bullet Reverse
• LRP SPX Super Reverse
• LRP SPX Zero
• LRP Truck Puller
• Novak Duster II
• Novak Goat Crawler
• Novak GTB Racing
• Novak GTS Pro Sport
• Novak Havoc 3S
• Novak Havoc Pro
• Novak Havoc Pro SC
• Novak Havoc Sport Sensorless
• Novak HV Maxx
• Novak HV Pro
• Novak Kinetic
• Novak Mongoose Micro
• Novak NovaLink V1.2
• Novak Pit Wizard
• Novak Slydr Drift
• Novak XBR Sport
• Speed Passion Cirtix Brushless
• Speed Passion Cirtix
• Team Corally MMS4
• Team Orion Vortex 1:18
• Team Orion Vortex 1:36
• Team Orion Vortex EXP 2
• Team Orion Vortex EXP 2 Pro
• Team Orion Vortex EXP 2 Pro High Torque
• Team Orion Vortex Race
• Team Orion Vortex Race Spec
• Tekin B1 Series
• Tekin FX Series
• Tekin R1 Series
• Tekin RS Series
• Tekin RX8
• Traxxas VXL 3S

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