Review: Team Associated TC6.1

Review: Team Associated TC6.1
Review: Team Associated TC6.1

Team Associated’s TC6, launched in 2010, was the next generation TC that had a game plan in mind…to win races. In 2011, it brought home quite a few victories, including a couple of ROAR Regional Championships! In addition to being a race winner, the TC6 also won RC Driver’s 2001 Voice Your Choice Award for the best Electric Touring Car. What could make this top tourer any better? How about updating it with the A-Team’s .1 treatment??? That’s exactly what they did, and I get to throw down with this TC with some of the best in the business.

WHO MAKES IT: Team Associated
WHO IT’S FOR: Intermediate to Advanced
HOW MUCH: $400

– The A-Team has taken a cue from their 1/8 scale buggy and added caster and toe inserts in their caster blocks and rear hubs. To change the caster or rear toe, simply replace with the appropriate numbered inserts.

– The TC6.1’s chassis has been narrowed to take full advantage of LiPo batteries and brushless motors. While the streamlined car looks great and has better weight distribution, mounting the electronics with a ‘Pro’ look can be a bit tedious.

– The TC6.1 does come with a heavy duty front spool that incorporates composite, replaceable outdrives. These outdrives are long wear and will take most of the abuse in the event of a crash. Good news, the outdrives are way less expensive than the CVA’s or spool unit.

– In the world of touring cars, I’ve always used a ball differential in the rear. While being super smooth, it does require maintenance every couple of races. To combat that, AE has included a lightweight rear gear differential with the TC6.1. I was a little weary about this, but after building it and running it, you’d never know it was a gear diff! Up side: extremely smooth and almost zero maintenance. Down side: you have to completely remove it, clean it out and replace the fluid to change its characteristics. Once you find the sweet spot, though, you shouldn’t need to ever replace it.

– AE has included their VCS3 shocks with the TC6.1. These bottom-load shocks feature hard-anodized, threaded bodies and a piston system that removes the use of e-clips. I can’t tell you how glad I am to get rid of those!

– The steering system on the TC6.1 has been updated as well. A multi-position bellcrank allows you to fine tune the Ackermann options, resulting in a much smoother reacting steering. New open-ended ballcups are also included that allow easy access to the ball studs.

– One of the biggest improvements on the TC6.1 is the anti-roll bar system. The H.D.R.C., or High Definition Roll Control, removes the traditional long, bent anti-roll bar and replaces it with a solid aluminum center member that rolls on a bearing surface. A pair of shorter side wires link to the suspension arms, controlling the roll stiffness. Different wire options are available for different handling characteristics.

Team Associated,, (949) 544-7500
LRP, distributed by Team Associated,, (949) 544-7500
Reedy, distributed by Team Associated,, (949) 544-7500
Airtronics,, (714) 964-0827
Protoform,, (951) 849-9781
Kustom RC Graphics,

Review: Team Associated TC6.1 Chassis Shot
Review: Team Associated TC6.1 Chassis Shot

To read the entire review including the performance section, be sure to pick up the May 2012 issue of RC Driver Magazine!

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