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Review – Pardus LiPo Charging Bag

Review - Pardus LiPo Charging Bag

With the inherent dangers of LiPo batteries, most tracks (and almost all big races) require you to have some sort of LiPo charging bag. This is great for Offroad or Touring Cars where removal is a pretty simple process, but what about 1/12 scale or F1? Removing the batteries out of these cars can sometimes cause a self-meltdown.

Manufacturer: Pardus
Product: LiPo Charging Bag
Part Number: PRO4
Price: $39.95
Fits: 1/12 Scale and F1 cars (anything under 185mm)

Thankfully there is a solution. Pardus Racing has developed large LiPo bag that allows you to charge your batteries with them still in the cars. It’s sizeable (about 19″ long x 8″ wide) and can, really, fit any vehicle that is under 185mm wide. Just drop your car in, hook up the charging leads, fold the velcro top over and start charging!

The Pardus Charging Bag also includes multiple dividers to you can use the bag as a transport device. You can use it to tote your F1 car back and forth from the track or block off sections for batteries, receivers or even your radio.

I gave the Charging Bag a good work out, charging my LiPos 4-5 times while still in my F1 car. It easily fits in the bag and allows me to run the leads through either side. It didn’t hamper the charging process nor did it heat the batteries up at all. The second car I tried was my 1/12 scale. This was also an easy fit (you can almost fit 2 in there) but the one thing that I had issues with was the cars rollover antenna. Once the car is in, I couldn’t close the lid with the antenna in place. Removal was necessary, so I’ll have to figure out which is more tedious – removing the battery or the rollover antenna. Of course, I could just run without the antenna…

Safety at the track (or in your home) are important factors when dealing with LiPo batteries. Using a LiPo Charging Pouch or Bag are almost a necessity. This inconvenience has just become way more convenient with the Pardus Charging Bag. If you’re still one of those guys that likes to take the batteries out, Pardus does offer a few different sizes of bags. Check ’em out!

Pardus, distributed by F1 RC Lab,

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