Review: Racers Edge SC Racecase II

Review: Racers Edge SC Racecase II
Review: Racers Edge SC Racecase II

Manufacturer: Racers Edge
Product: SC Racecase II
Part Numer: RCE2027
Price: $75

If I’m going out to the track for any reason, I typically bring along a Short Course truck. In my area it’s usually the biggest class and provides the most competition. Along with that, I also tote around a sizeable pit box with my charger(s), power supply, tools, parts, transmitter and tires. And yes…that’s for ONE Short Course vehicle. If you’re like me, you might also stop by the local fast food place and pick up some grub and a soda. It can be a pain to get all that into the track. Thankfully, Racer’s Edge has a solution for you. Check out their new Short Course Carrying Bag.

The Goods
This large, heavy duty canvas bag comes flat and unassembled…sort of. Take it out of it’s plastic protective bag and it folds out into a sizeable rectangle shape complete with a zippered ‘door‘ at each end. Inside you will also find a tool caddy (backed with Velcro) and a long and short divider (also backed with Velcro). These dividers can be positioned inside the carrying bag to allow you create compartments for you transmitter, tires, etc. The tool caddy Velcro’s to either one of the end doors to allow quick access to your tools. On the outside of the case are a pair of large storage pockets. These can be used for batteries, parts, a small charger or anything else you can squeeze into them. A burly carrying handle completes the outside attachments.

The Use
To test out the Carrying Bag, I rolled my overgrown track caddy into my living room and started setting aside the most important track items (Editors note: If you have pets, apparently they find the bags tubular design fascinating also.) Once the pets were removed, I installed the tool holder and small divider on one end where my tools and transmitter would go. I filled the outer pockets with some parts, my charger, a trio of batteries and some glue. Finally, I slid my SC truck into the bag and filled the gaps with some spare tires. I was also able to fit my pit towel, my pit light and a roll of towels.

Final Word
While it was pretty packed, the Racers Edge SC Carrying Bag fit everything I needed at the track into a nice, compact package. The red and black canvas looks cool and is extremely durable. Even the zippers appear to be stout enough to handle abuse. An integrated cup colder would have been nice, but since I can now carry everything in one hand, I can overlook that. I’ll see about getting that included in the Version 2 of this cool bag!

Racers Edge,

WORDS: Tony Phalen

[as seen in: RC Driver Magazine]

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