Wednesday , 28 September 2022

RC18 Building – Ball Cups

RC18 Building - Tight Ballcups
Keep the suspension free by loosening up the ballcups.
Tight Ballcups
There are two reasons your ballcups might be tight…one, they’re new and need to be ‘stretched’ and two, the turnbuckles are threaded in to far, leaving a dimple in the ‘ballcup’ part of the, well, ballcup.

The first example can be fixed easily as described below:

1. Assemble your turnbuckles. Take care NOT to thread them on too far.

2. Pop them on to the car. Check the movement of the suspension. If the suspension is not free moving, it is possible the ballcups are too tight. With a set of pliers (needlenose are suggested), lightly squeeze the ‘ball’ part of the ballcup, doing so on the sides only (see pic!). This will free up the ballcup slightly.

3. Recheck your suspension movement. It should be much better now!

If the threaded rod has pushed it’s way into the ballcup, replace the ballcup.

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