Monday , 26 September 2022

RC18 Building – Droop

RC18 Building - Droop
Add shims to adjust Droop.
Adjusting Droop
For different track conditions, a useful tuning tool is Droop (see the 18T Tuning section for an explanation and tuning using Droop). This requires you to disassemble your 18T shocks.

1. With your shocks disassembled, start by adding o-rings on the shock shaft before installing it into the shock body. The quantity of o-rings is dependent on how much you want to minimize the Droop. It is suggested that you use the stock black o-rings (AE Part #21190). They are the correct size and will not block the holes in the shock piston.

2. Complete the build of your shocks according to the instruction manual. Don’t forget to check out CompetitionX‘s Shock Building Tips.

Make sure that you limit the Droop equally side-to-side. It is not, however, required that you limit it equally front to back. You may need to experiment with this setting to maximize the handling of your 18T on the surface you race on.

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