Friday , 7 October 2022

RC18 Building – Steering Slop

RC18 Building - No / Less Steering Slop
Make a brace to enhance the steering of the 18T
No / Less Steering Slop
The stock steering setup for the 18T is sufficient for normal, everyday bashing. But, once you start getting into some hardcore racing, this setup can be FAR from sufficient! Installing this small lexan piece can really enhance the steering of your 18T!!!

1. Start by cutting (and shaping) a piece of lexan (or similar thin, lightweight plastic) to the shape shown. Use the diagram for measurements.

2. Attach to the steering arms on the opposite side of the plastic drag link, as shown (do not overtighten). The hole in the plastic should be just big enough for the ballstud to fit though…too big and you run the risk of your plastic brace bending under impact.  Also, make sure the ‘new’ link does not rub on the driveshaft.

RC18 Building - No / Less Steering Slop

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