Thursday , 6 October 2022

RC18 Building – Servo Saver Pt 1

RC18 Building - Tighten The Servo Saver Pt.1
Simple Servo Saver Mod.
Tighten That Servo Saver, Option 1
This mod will keep your servo saver tight, but still allow enough flex to not strip out your servo. Be warned that this step is a little tricky and requires some patience.

1. Start by removing your servo saver assembly (unless it already is).

2. Using 2 red o-rings (AE Part #5407 or similar), stretch them over the 18T Servo Saver C-Clamp (AE Part #21041). This is easier if you stretch them using needlenose pliers.

3. Assemble the rest of the servo saver to the servo.

4. Because the o-rings increase the OD of the servo saver c-clamp, you will need to insert one .030″ spacer under each side of the 18T Servo Mount (AE Part #21040). This will raise it enough so the servo saver c-clamp won’t rub on the chassis.

5. Re-install your servo and the steering assembly.

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