RC18 Building – Servo Saver Pt 2

RC18 Building - Tighten The Servo Saver Pt.2
An advanced servo saver trick!
Tighten That Servo Saver, Option 2
Here is a new and improved servo saver mod. While it does require a little more work, we feel it is one of (if not the) best mod that you can do to your stock servo saver.

1. Start by removing your servo saver assembly (unless it already is).

2. Using a dremel bit similar to the one shown (step 2), grind a groove into the c-clip as shown. You will want to make the groove start at the opening and end at the opening (see step 4).

3. Cut one coil off of a spare 18T spring (a gold spring works best) or similar spring that has the same inner diameter (a local hardware shop would be a good place to look). Be careful not to make it to small (or tight) or you could prevent the servo saver from working at all.

4. Make sure your spring is ‘flat’ (see step 3). Slide the cut spring coil over your c-clip (see step 4)

5. Now re-assemble your servo saver. Your servo saver should be 100% better, but still be able to flex a bit.

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