Thursday , 28 September 2023

RC18 Tuning – Camber

RC18 Series Tuning - Camber
Adjusting camber can give you more traction in the corners.
Camber is the angle of the tops of the wheels/tires from straight up and down. Leaning the top of the tire in is Negative Camber, leaning the top of the tire out is Positive Camber. It is VERY rare that you will ever use positive Camber.

Giving one end of the car less Camber gives that end less traction in the corners, in most cases. For instance, if your car is loose (oversteer), you could either add a degree of rear Camber (recommended) or take out a degree of front Camber.

1 deg is a good starting point for the front, 1.5 – 2 deg a good place in the rear.

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