Friday , 7 October 2022

RC18 Tuning – Vehicle Weight

RC18 Series Tuning- Vehicle Weight
Adding weight can help balance out a vehicle.
Vehicle Weight
Weight is critical in most vehicles, but more so with the lightweight 18T! Because the weight of the battery is almost 3/4 the weight of the truck, this unbalances the truck greatly to the left side.

One way to fix this is to add weight to the right side of the vehicle. Most of the Team drivers add approximately 1.5 oz., usually placing it under the ESC. This will help balance the truck and, with the added weight, stabilize it with the higher horsepower that is available today.

Another way to reduce weight is to use the Lithium Polymer battery packs that are becoming more commercially available. Please be aware that even though the LiPo packs produce a LOT of power in a small, lightweight package, they are also quite volatile and, if not properly cared for, can erupt and cause serious injury. Great care has to be taken when using these batteries.

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