Monday , 26 September 2022

CompetitionX Videos

A list of videos. You can also see these on CompetitionX YouTube Channel, CompetitionX TV.

Tamiya F104x1 Race at TQ Raceway
A3 Main, Round 4 of the 2012 UF1 Winter Series. This video was taken at TQ RC Raceway in Chino, California ( Great race between Mike Kennedy and Tony Phalen, both running Tamiya F104x1 cars. Thanks to Sean (owner of TQ RC Raceway) for a great video.

Vintage 1/8 Scale Race Footage
Not sure where I found this but it’s some REALLY OLD footage of a 1/8th scale race. Seriously old cars being driven by guys in WAY-to-short shorts. This was back when the cars had lots of power and the tires were as hard as a rock. The good ol’ days…

Wild Hobbies RC18T Review
This wild action was filmed quite some time ago in the back parking area of Team Associated. We had a killer little 1/18th Scale track that we ran on EVERY DAY! Two of the trucks were stock (the blue and red one) while mine (with my trademark white/red/black) was slightly modified. WildHobbies showed up to do a little filming for their review on this kit. Good times.

Tony Phalen’s 70+ mph RC18T Speed Run
Short video of a 70+mph run at the Radio Control Fastest RC Car Challenge. This particular run didn’t end up so good (stripped a spur gear), but the run ended up being 73.4mph. After repairing the spur, we hit a final run of 76.9mph. This run was done quite some time ago before everyone was putting in huge brushless motors and lipo batteries.