Akula Racing Speartooth 22 Conversion
Monday , 29 November 2021

Akula Racing Speartooth 22 Conversion

Akula Racing Speartooth 22 Conversion
Akula Racing Speartooth 22 Conversion

Akula Racing are proud to announce our first major performance upgrade, the Speartooth 22.

Designed to optimise the weight distribution of the TLR22 to provide more rear traction without compromising steering. The aluminium chassis has been replaced by a 2.5mm CNC machined carbon fibre chassis. This provides more flex than the standard chassis widening the setup window and increasing mid corner speed. The main layout change is that saddle packs can now be positioned across the chassis, which moves the weight distribution rearwards to provide more rear traction. The chassis has also been shortened by 5mm between the lipos and the servo to ensure that the rearward weight movement does not remove too much weight from the front axle, which could lead to understeer. Any ‘Stubby’ lipo will also fit in the chassis, filing a small tab from the side plates will allow this sized pack to fit across the chassis as far back as possible. The chassis also includes all mounting holes required to allow the car to be run in rear motor configuration.

Feedback from our test drivers is that the conversion gives more mid corner steering but that the rear of the car has much more traction in all parts of the corner. The car is much more consistent to drive and its reactions are much more predictable, which gives more confidence and enables the car to be pushed harder.

Although the kit will not include a bodyshell, the kit shell and the FTW Vane & Blade shells will fit this chassis. The included undertray enables the kit shell to be used, although the sides of the kit shell will not reach the bottom of the chassis so the undertray may need painting to match the shell.

The kit includes:
2.5mm CNC machined carbon fibre main chassis
2.0mm CNC machined carbon fibre battery brace
3.0mm CNC machined carbon fibre side braces (will accept both saddle and stubby lipos)
4 x 25mm posts for battery brace
4 x 12mm posts for side braces
6 x 2mm aluminium spacers for front end mounting to the chassis
4 x 1.0mm aluminium spacers for the rear pivot block (an optional fibre glass spacer will be available shortly)
2 x M3 x 20mm screws
2 x M3 nyloc nuts
9 x M3 x 6mm countersunk screws
4 x M3 x 6mm button head screws
4 x M3 x 8mm button head screws
1 x aerial mount
1 x clear undertray

RRP: £155

[source: www.akularacing.co.uk]

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