EDAM Espirit Touring Car
Monday , 29 November 2021

EDAM Espirit Touring Car

EDAM Espirit Touring Car
EDAM Espirit Touring Car

EDAM cars have been regarded as the top-quality and best value for money products on the market since its establishment in 2007. With a fruitful racing achievement and innovative developments, EDAM is glad to release its 1: 10 EP car: Espirit!!!

A high-quality and smart design aims to offer you affordable luxury and most joy. The Espirit retains the speed and toughness of a nitro car, becoming an unprecedented Max Power EP car. Espirit could accommodate 11.1V, 3.5T motors, which is SUPER to run in the Unlimited Class. Want to “go green” while enjoying the violent ambiance of speed? Espirit is definitely your best choice!

Gear Differential:
Equipped with gear differential, better for drivers who are fond of the excitement of speed (could be even faster than a 1:8 nitro on-road car!) Gear diff saves your time and effort from frequent maintenance when the diff is properly built. The gear diff also provides stability for cars when entering a turn. In addition, it increases the car to on-power steering which is necessary on most types of tracks.

Linear Steering System:
The linear steering system creates easy and flawless adjustment. Ackermann could be adjusted simply by changing the position of a screw! Such steering system enables you to drive Esprit with ease and keeps the car sharp while under absolute control.

Pivot Ball Suspension System (PBS):
With the pivot ball suspension system, you could adjust the caster, toe-in, toe-out, and camber directly without the need of any remove. PBS makes your adjustment simpler and more accurate.

Battery Holder:
The front and rear eccentric design of battery holder could grip battery packs of different size. In addition, the powerful magic felt tape holds the battery tightly to prevent the batteries from moving while racing and crashes.

Narrow Chassis:
The design of Espirit features the extremely narrow chassis, which fits well for LiPo batteries. All the electronics are placed into the centerline to display the perfect balance of weight distribution and weight transfer. The chassis is 84mm wide and machined from premium 2.5mm graphite material.

Front Anti-Roll Bars:
The Espirit contains standard rear anti-roll bars and shovel type front anti-roll bars, allowing easier and more precise adjustment.

GP→EP Compatibility:
Basing on the nitro Spirit platform, the tuning of Espirit is similar to those of nitro Spirit. Easily adaptable for nitro drivers who would like to try entering into the electric touring world.

VDS Body Mount:
Distinctive from other 1:10 EP Cars, the rear body mount of Espirit could be mounted with both VDS style bodies (touring style optional). Says who electric car has to be in touring shape? What’s the hot issue this season? Definitely Espirit!!!!

• Radio system (transmitter and receiver)
• Steering Servo
• Motor
• Pinion & Spur gear
• Battery Pack
• Speed controller (ESC)
• Charger
• 1/10 scale body shell (190-220mm)
• Wheel

• WIDTH: Adjustable 190~200MM MAX 220MM (change tire)
• HEIGHT: Front 5MM/ Rear 5.5MM
• WEIGHT: 730G
• PINION GEAR: 48P: 20-24T (64P:26-32T)
• SPUR GEAR: 48P: 89T (64P:119T)

Item No:STE0030

[source: www.edamhobby.com]

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