Event Coverage - 2011 Reedy International Offroad Race of Champions
Thursday , 2 December 2021

Event Coverage – 2011 Reedy International Offroad Race of Champions

Event Coverage - 2011 Reedy International Offroad Race of Champions

I can’t think of a better race to attend than the Reedy International Offroad Race of Champions. This race was started back in 1987 by Mike Reedy as a celebration race for his birthday. Some 32 of the best drivers from around the world are invited to race in a unique heads-up format—eight rounds eight cars split up into 4 heats—4 of 2WD and 4 of 4WD. After each race, points are awarded depending on how you place, with six of the eight heats counting towards the overall score. The driver with the least amount of points will be crowned the Reedy Race Invitational Class winner. As you can see, this race awards consistency.

Event Coverage - 2011 Reedy International Offroad Race of ChampionsWith the popularity of Touring car growing greater and greater, the Reedy Offroad Race was replaced with the Reedy Touring Car Race of Champions. But, in 2009, the Dirt version of this fabulous race returned and was held in Yatabe Arena in Japan. This year, the Reedy International Offroad Race of Champions returned to the United States and was held at the beautiful West Coast RC Raceway in La Mirada, California. The 32 drivers representing seven different manufacturers were in attendance to duke it out for the top spot. In addition, 144 entries signed up for the open class. Also divided into 2WD and 4WD, these competitors ran the standard four rounds of qualifying followed by the main events.

The 2WD Open class brought the best-of-the-best non-invitational boys out to play. Winning this class (as well as the winner of the 4WD class) would not only get you a sweet trophy, it brings along an “invitation” to race in the Invitational class at next year’s Reedy Race. Big stakes were on the line and the fight to get in the top 10 was tough. To make the race even more challenging, main events would be 10 minutes long!

After four rounds of qualifying, Shaun Dunlap would beat out local fast-guy Josh Numan for the TQ. Shaun would lead from wire-to-wire and take an easy A1 victory. Numan would stick with him, but on lap four made a costly mistake that dropped him back to P5. Johnny Logiudice would slot into 2nd (after starting 10th on the grid) with Numan climbing back up to the 3rd position. Numan busted out some fast laps trying to take over 2nd but couldn’t quite make it and would have to settle for 3rd place. Michael Schoettler and Ricky Gaynor would round out the top five.

Event Coverage - 2011 Reedy International Offroad Race of ChampionsIn A2, it was the Dunlap/Numan show again. Numan would take control early, but a late-race wreck in the ripple section allowed Dunlap (who had a bit of a rough start) to take the lead. Nose to tail they went for the rest of the race until Numan clipped a pipe on the last lap and dropped back a few seconds. He made a hard charge, but couldn’t catch Dunlap who would take the win and overall 2WD Championship. Numan would have to settle for 2nd with Johnny Loguidice finishing 3rd. Rob Gillespie and Matt Schreffler would finish 4th and 5th respectively.

Event Coverage - 2011 Reedy International Offroad Race of ChampionsNot surprisingly, a lot of the same names that were in the 2WD Open class were also in the 4WD Open class. Josh Numan, however, was the guy to beat with his exceptional run to place him in the TQ position. In A1, Numan and young Tanner Denney would run nose to tail the entire race and even swap the lead a couple of times. This race was 10 minutes of nail-biting excitement, as both drivers dug in hard to take the win. Josh would eventually take the win, but by only .4 of a second! Greg Dennett would finish 3rd with Rob Gillespie in 4th and Jake Thayer in 5th.

In A2, Denney was on a mission and on lap 2 jumped into the lead and never looked back. Numan was there if Denney made a mistake, but the young kid showed his racing maturity and drove like a champ for the full 10 minute main. Perfect, clean driving is what it took to hold off Numan for the A2 win. With that finish, Numan and Denny were tied for first place with a win and 2nd place finish a piece. The tie-breaker (fastest time) would put Denny on top, taking the overall 4WD Championship! Shaun Dunlap would finish 3rd followed by Jake Thayer and Kurt Wenger.

The Invitational class was divided up into 2WD and 4WD. The 2WD heats were run on Saturday. As well as being some of the best racing to watch, it was also some of the closest! After the four rounds of racing had been completed, four drivers were tied for 1st place with three wins and a 2nd: Travis Amezcua, Mike Truhe, Ryan Maifield and Jared Tebo. Dustin Evans, Brian Kinwald, Jorn Neumann and Matt Chambers were also all in the running and could easily take a win with Sunday’s 4WD results.

Event Coverage - 2011 Reedy International Offroad Race of ChampionsSunday was crunch time as all the Invite guys put away their 2WD buggies and brought out their 4WD cars. The racing was intense, as this was the last chance to put in some good runs to claim the overall championship. Team Losi Racing star Dustin Evans threw down three 1st place finishes and a 2nd place (his throwout). Jared Tebo finished with two 1st place, a 2nd and a 3rd (his throwout). These times, combined with Saturday’s 2WD results, gave Dustin and Jared both a total of eight points! Both drivers had four 1st place finishes (combined between 2WD and 4WD) and each had two 2nd place finishes. Their throwouts would be a 2nd and 5th (for Dustin) and a 3rd and 4th (for Jared). Jared had the faster time in 2WD, but Dustin had a faster time in 4WD. So the tie-breaker came down to overall time. Jared Tebo had an overall time of 30 laps at a 10:15.7. Dustin Evans had an overall time of 31 laps at a 10:36.4. This gave Evans the victory and his first major win! Tebo would have to settle for 2nd followed by Ryan Cavalieri, Ryan Maifield and Ty Tessman.

There are numerous Regional, National and World events in our industry that drivers from around the world attend for one reason — to win. If you’ve ever attended one of these races, you would agree with me that it’s pretty cool to watch the teams work together to find the best setups that work with their cars. Teams usually hide this information (including tire selections and motor choices) to gain the advantage. It can get pretty serious, but with the amount of time and money invested, nothing but a win will do. The Reedy Race has some of those qualities, but the drivers tend to take it a little less seriously because of its ancestry. Congratulations to Dustin Evans on his first major win and to Tanner and Shaun on their Open class victories. We’ll be seeing you two guys in the Invitational class next year!

2WD Open Overall – Finishing Order
1. Shaun Dunlap (TQ)–Kyosho
2. Josh Numan–Associated
3. Johnny Loguidice–TQ Racing
4. Michael Schoettler–Associated
5. Rob Gillespie–Associated
6. Matt Schreffler–TLR
7. Charles Hicks–TLR
8. Jason Jakubczyk –Kyosho
9. Jimmy Barnett–Associated
10. Ricky Gayno –TLR

4WD Open Overall – Finishing Order
1. Tanner Denney–Associated
2. Josh Numan–Associated
3. Jake Thayer–Associated
4. Rob Gillespie–Associated
5. Shaun Dunlop–Kyosho
6. Wenger–Associated
7. Greg Dennett–Kyosho
8. Nick Lasley–Kyosho
9. Chris Jarosz–Associated
10. Matt Schreffler–TLR

Invitational Overall – Finishing Order
1. Dustin Evans–TLR
2. Jared Tebo–Kyosho
3. Ryan Cavalieri–Team Associated
4. Ryan Maifield–Team Associated
5. Ty Tessman–Team Associated
6. Lee Martin–Tamiya
7. Brian Kinwald–Team Durango
8. Kody Numendahl–Team Associated
9. Mike Truhe–TLR
10. Jorn Neumann–Team Durango

See the full gallery here: Gallery – 2011 Reedy International Offroad Race of Champions

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