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Exotek EXO-SIX Chassis Conversion for the Tamiya EVO6

Exotek EXO-SIX Chassis Conversion for the Tamiya EVO6

Exotek has been pumping out conversion kits for some of the most popular TC kits on the market. The reason … to free them up and lighten them up and make them blisteringly fast in Stock and VTA classes!

The EXO-SIX is the latest release, converting Tamiya’s EVO6 into an ‘inline motor’ LiPo powerhouse. This inline design removes 1 of the 3 gearboxes the EVO6 uses, increasing top speed and motor efficiency.

Other fast features include:
• Motor plate with centrally mounted and triangulated base insures solid motor mounting and superb gear mesh while independent of the top plate to reduce tweak and provide better top plate flex traits.
• Stiffer than the stock chassis. Well suited for higher grip, bigger event, track conditions.
• 2.25mm thick USA made premium QUASI weave chassis and top plate for superb flex traits for rubber tire racing.
• Ultra narrow chassis layout for reduced chassis scrub. Only 86mm wide!
• Motor placement is positioned on the left side of the chassis to induce better on power stability. Torque steer? What is that!
• The motor position has been moved further back to improve high speed steering but also low speed stability.
• Slotted motor mount allows quicker and easier motor install and removal and easy pinion changes.
• New one piece, hard anodized, spur mount/ input shaft eliminates the play and vibration of the stock unit. No loose pinned spur gear or e-clips!
• New hard anodized center shaft drive cup uses a Tamiya cvd puck (TRF417 V5 Swing Shaft Cap #51536) for reduced wear and quieter drive line.
• Lipo cradle system with adjustable sliding holders (forward or back or in or out) for preferred weight balance.
• Battery holders accepts full 7.4v lipo packs or 7.4v shorty style packs.
• Battery holders uses strapping tape.
• The outside of the holders uses micro bearings to hold the battery in- this allows the chassis to flex laterally naturally without becoming tweaked by the battery. As the chassis flexes the bearings can roll against the battery instead of getting caught on the battery like standard cups.

1539 Exotek EXO-SIX Chassis Conversion for the Tamiya EVO6 – $144.95


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