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First Look: SCMT Warpath Monster Truck

First Look: SCMT Warpath Monster Truck

Solid axle Monster Trucks are starting to get pretty big across the country. Starting with one of Axial’s rigs, modifications are being made to accept bigger tires, bigger bodies and bigger power! The final result are trucks that mimic the full scale rides you see at events like the Monster Jam. In fact, just recently these smaller-scale rigs have been invited to do mock races at the Monster Jam Pit Party in Las Vegas, even featuring a Freestyle competition!

First Look: SCMT Warpath Monster Truck

Trever Adamo, one of my long time friends, has designed up a conversion kit to create one of these burly beasts. Working with famed Team Associated designer and avid RC racer Jason Corl, the two have come up with a pretty killer rig that looks amazing. The Warpath is available in two versions; kit form, for the DIY people, and as a full roller for those that just want to install their electronics and go!

The kit form consists of a pair of carbon fiber side chassis plates, 3 aluminum chassis plates, a handful of aluminum cross tubes, carbon fiber anti-roll bar plates and a hefty brass center skid plate. To complete the build, you’ll need to gather the Axial and recommended Vanquish parts together (parts listed below).

The other option is to purchase the Warpath as a roller. You’ll get all the parts included in the kit as well as everything listed in the parts lists below. This option is a bit more pricey, but ensures that the truck will come fully assembled and ready for electronics.

First Look: SCMT Warpath Monster Truck

The Warpath uses a pair of 2.75mm carbon fiber side plates held together by a slew of machined aluminum chassis tubes. A thick, brass center skid plate is used for added weight down low and is drilled to accept the Axial transmission. A rear anti-roll bar can be attached to help control rear flex under acceleration. There are also multiple shock mounting locations both on the chassis and the lower links to adjust the suspension to any track condition. Additional holes in the chassis allow quite a bit of flexibility for mounting different body styles.

I could go on and on about how cool this truck is (it’s pretty cool), how it handled (actually really well) and how durable it is (rolling brick), but I think I’ll let this short video do the talking. All I know is that a solid axle MT has been something I’ve been wanting to build (and race) for some time now and I think I’ve made my choice on which conversion to pick up. Once I do, we’ll get a full review and performance video up.

SCMT Warpath Kit – $355
SCMT Warpath Roller – $1750

Axial Parts List:
• AX30163 Wheel Pins – Qty 1
• AX80002 Diff Case – Qty 2
• AX30708 AX10 Locked Transmission – Complete Metal Gear Set – Qty 1
• AX30041 Velcro battery strap – Qty 1
• AX30414 AX10 Scorpion Slipper Clutch Set – Qty 1
• AX30402 Axial HD Bevel Gear Set – Qty 2
• AX30777 Servo Plate – Qty 1
• AX30487 AX10 Locked Transmission Set – Qty 1
• AX80118 AX10 Ridgecrest Battery Tray – Qty 1
• AX80078 Transmission Gear cover – Qty 1
• AX80072 AR60 OCP 4-Link Mount – Qty 1
• AX80069 AR60 Axle Housing – Qty 2
• AX30435 Steel Outdrive Set – Qty 1
• AXA013 M2x6mm Screws – Qty 1
• AXA015 M2x10mm Screws – Qty 1
• AX80070 AR60 OCP Differential Cover – Qty 2

Vanquish Parts List:
• VPS02004 Axial Wraith / XR10 C-Hubs – Qty 1 (Qty 2 if using rear steer)
• VPS03200 Axial Wraith Steering Knuckles – Qty 1 (Qty 2 if using rear steer)
• VPS07670 Axial Wraith / Yeti Clamping Lockouts – Qty 1 (Qty 0 if using rear steer)
• VPS07370 Axial Wraith VVD V1-HD – Qty 1 (Qty 2 if using rear steer)
• VPS04721 Axial AR60 Axial Shock Link Mounts – Qty 2
• VPS06931 Servo Mount – Qty 1 (Qty 2 if using rear steer)
• IRC00001 Incision spool/Locker – Qty 1 (use on in dirt and only in the rear axle)

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