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GP3D RC10GX Stealth – Masami 1989 World Champ Replica Buggy | CompetitionX

GP3D RC10GX Stealth - Masami 1989 World Champ Replica Buggy | CompetitionX

GP3D (aka Grand Prix 3D) has announced the RC10GX Stealth, a replica kit of Masami Hirosaka’s 1989 World Championship winning RC10 buggy. This kit/conversion includes all of the ‘hard-to-find’ original parts to convert your RC10(T) to Masami’s ride.

Quick Stats
Product: RC10GX Stealth – Masami 1989 World Champ Replica Buggy
Part #: n/a
Scale: 1/10 Scale
Price: $242.00
Build Type: Kit

• Chassis with 30 degree kick-up molded – BezerkRC plain weave carbon matte finish
• Topdeck – BezerkRC plain weave carbon matte finish
• Topdeck Standoffs – Rear
• Shock Tower – Front – BezerkRC fibreglass
• Shock Tower – Rear – BezerkRC fibreglass
• Brace for Front Inner Arm Hinge pins – Aluminum
• Bulkhead – Rear (Printed: PCBlend natural)
• Bulkhead – Front Nose (Printed: NylonG white)
• Suspension Arms – Rear (Printed: PCBlend natural)
• Suspension Arms – Front (Printed: PCBlend natural)
• Inner Suspension Mounts – Rear (Printed: NylonG white)
• CHOICE: Gearbox Casing (Left & Right) (Printed: NylonG white) – Version A: to suit original idler with bearings in the casing : Version B: to suit ReRe design for shaft in casings and bearings in the idler gear
• Gearbox Standoffs 3x (to support motor plate) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
• Gearbox Top Brace Plate (2 versions: post hole forward/rearward) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
• Body Post Rear (replica of standard RC10 item) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
• Body Post Front (Printed: PCBlend natural)
• Battery Cup – Rear (as per original RC10 item – but ‘trimmed’) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
• Battery Cup – Front (Printed: PCBlend natural)
• Battery Cup – Rear body supports (as per original RC10 item – but ‘trimmed’ – Left & Right) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
• Battery Retainer Plate (2 types included) (Printed: PETG white) – Standard version for NiCad/NiMH/Shorty packs : Long version for 2S LIPO (suits length ~139mm)
• ESC Support Tray (Printed: PETG white)
• Wheel Adapter to mount Yokomo TH-1 style wheels (2 types included) (Printed: PCBlend grey)

What We Like:
We’ve worked with GP3D before and they make some crazy-cool stuff! This would certainly be our first choice of vehicle entry at any vintage event we go to! The design work that went into this is top notch and we love that they are giving everyone a chance at owning a replica Masami WC car!

What We’re Not Sure About:
Yes it’s a replica and yes, it’s a kit/conversion, just be warned up front that there’s still a LOT you have to get (after the car) until you have a rolling version

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