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Hobbytech STR8-T2

Hobbytech STR8-T2
Hobbytech STR8-T2

This new TRUGGY comes with huge components and racing spec’s, we fully redesign the car to make it similar as a PRO kit right out of the box as an RTR version with a super affordable price.Packed with high competition level component to satisfied the most avid racers, this is the right kit to enter into 1/8 buggy class competion level.

The STR8 Truggy T2 has a fully adjustable racing suspension with ultra big bore and hard coated shocks, is fully equiped with strong components like the powerfull GO Engine .25, new generation 2.4Ghz radio and a powerful 12kg servo steering with metal gear.

GO .25 3 Port Sport Engine PullStart Go have revolutionized the PullStart engine market with these latest updated Sport range engines. Designed to offer solid performance, really easy to tune and unparalleled quality for a pullstart engine.

3 Port design offers pokey performance and smooth power delivery. Composite carb body ensures that heat transfer to carb is massively reduced and tuning remains consistent with no carb binding. More power than a 21, less fuel consumption than a 28, features the latest carb mods for more mid range feel and better fuel mileage. The best of both worlds !

The wheel radio transmitter is a new generation 2.4Ghz system, frequency problem become history. No need to take care of frequencies to race with friends. Steering servo is ultra strong (12kg) and has a really good reliability with this metal gear.

STR8-T2 Ready To Run features:
• Ultra strong 6061 aluminium parts
•10/46T. spiral cut CNC gears
•new hardened differentials bodies
•front CVA axles
•full 24pcs rubber sealed ball bearing
•adjustable tie-rods and steering link
•6061 5mm CNC aluminium front and rear shock tower
•front and rear ultra long stiffener
•dual steel brake discs
•new hard coated 15 mm ultra big bore shocks with 3.5mm shaft
•front and rear sway bars
•race optimized suspension geometry
•rear toe in plate 1°, 2° or 3°
•factory fitted and trimed 12kg steering servo
•factory fitted and trimed 6kg throttle/brake servo
•high performance racing dish wheels low profile
•Hi down force wing.
•150cc fuel tank with splash guard

Choice between 3 different pre-printed and trimmed bodies

Technical spec :Height / Hauteur maxi. : 240mm
Wheelbase / Empattement : de 357 à 363mm
Front Width / Voie (avant) : 413mm
Front Width / Voie (arrière) maxi. : 419mm
Front ride height / Garde au sol avant : 67mm
Rear ride height / Garde au sol arrière : 79mm
Weight / Poids total : 4110gr


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