Beginner's Guide to RC - How To Build a Small Bottle Holder
Thursday , 2 December 2021

How To: Building a Small Bottle Holder

How To: Building a Small Bottle Holder

Beginner’s Guide to RC – How To Build a Small Bottle Holder

How many of you out there have organized home pit spaces? I do, for the most part, however I’m constantly struggling with keeping track of multiple bottles of CA, threadlocker and other small containers. I try and keep them together, but every now and then I accidentally bump into one which, of course, knocks all of them over. Then there’s always a few cuss words while I try and stand them all back up. I needed a better system.

So, I decided to build some sort of contraption that would securely hold all of these bottles in place while still making them easy to move without a bunch of drama. As I was on my way to Home Depot to source some building materials, the wife wanted to stop at Michael’s to pick up some stuff for her projects. While aimlessly following her around the store, I walked past the wooden box aisle and this little crate caught my eye. It’s roughly 5″x3.1″x2.6″ in size – a perfect size to collect all my bottles. I figured for a total of $1.06 I could make this work, so I picked one up and headed home.

How To: Building a Small Bottle Holder

To secure the bottles in the box, I cut lengths of double-sided tape in half, then stripped the paper backing and placed them in the box. I took a few of my bottles and set them inside and it worked like a charm. Tipping the box almost on it’s side still kept the bottles in place. My final step was to trick it out with a CompetitionX sticker – any stickers will do (or even paint), but this is how I roll.

I’ve found that you don’t need to press the bottles in place – the double-sided tape is very sticky and simply setting them in the box is sufficient enough to hold them in place. I’ve been using this setup for about 3 months and it still works great.

In a nutshell, here’s what you’ll need for this How To:
• Mini Wood Crate from Michaels (link:
• Four strips of double-sided tape
CompetitionX Sticker (stickers completely optional)

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