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HPI Baja 5B/5T Digital FET High-Torque Servo

HPI Baja 5B/5T Digital FET High-Torque Servo

New from HPI is the high performance SFL-30MG Digital Servo that is perfect for use on the steering of HPI Baja trucks and buggies. The SFL-30MG digital servo offers precision steering movements, and is compatible with all radio systems on the market today, including high-speed systems.

This servo has a high-output heavy duty motor which offers a continuous 18kg-cm [249.96oz-in] of torque through the entire servo sweep, a heat sink case to keep temps down, a machined metal gear train, including a new hybrid metal/plastic 1st gear, compared to the normal all-plastic 1st gears. Also included is an aluminium servo horn for maximum strength and durability.

While the numbers are smaller [18kg-cm vs. 24kg-cm of torque], the SFL-30MG is an “over-all” much stronger servo. The SFL-30MG offers consistent “full-strength” torque across the entire servo-stroke, whereas the SFL-10MG2 [24kg-cm] servo only has a peak-strength at only one point across the servo stroke, thus an overall average rating below the SFL-30MG.

• Feel: The SFL-30MG will result an overall stronger feel & feedback to the driver.
• Compatibility: Digital servo is compatible with both High-Speed & standard 2.4ghz / AM / FM Systems
• Durability: Provided by a much stronger Hybrid [metal/plastic] 1st gear compared to an all-plastic 1st gear provided in stock servo
• Machined, Metal Gear Train: for the ultimate in strength and performance
• Stronger Sweep: Strength over entire movement span of the servo
• Heavy Duty Motor: More strength providing more power for racing-endurance.
• High Output Endurance: After 20-30 minutes of run time, maintains holding power.
• Heat-Sink Case: Keeps servo temps low, and performance high
• Aluminium Servo Horn: Provides more strength / durability

# 102612
Baja 5B/Baja 5T/Digital FET high torque servo, Metal gear, 25 Spline

[source: www.hpiracing.com]

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