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Losi TLR-Tuned LMT Monster Truck Kit | CompetitionX

Losi TLR-Tuned LMT Monster Truck Kit | CompetitionX

Losi has dropped a bomb on the Monster Truck community with the release of this killer TLR-Tuned LMT Monster Truck Kit.

This is basically the LMT with the entire book of TLR upgrades thrown at it – carbon fiber chassis plates, 12mm racing shocks, low-CG battery tray, TLR-inspired servo saver a bunch of aluminum goodies!

Quick Stats
Product: Losi TLR-Tuned LMT Monster Truck Kit
Part #: LOS04027
Scale: 1/10 Scale
Price: $599.99
Build Type: Kit

• Racing-focused, weight reducing carbon fiber chassis plates.
• Longer 15″ wheelbase with shock mountable lower 4-link bars.
• TLR shocks with machined aluminum, hard-anodized shock bodies and caps.
• Aluminum spindle carriers and front spindles with larger bearings.
• Aluminum rear toe blocks with larger bearing for axle support.
• Aluminum cross bars to minimize flex between the chassis plates.
• Team Losi Racing inspired helical cut servo saver.
• Low CG battery tray that accepts “shorty” race packs.
• Body mounts that provide multiple options for securing your body.

What We Like:
A fully-tuned, race ready MT with all the option parts? Yes please! We’ve been wanting a LMT for our local Monster Truck racing league and, well, this is going to do it for us.

What We’re Not Sure About:
600 bones. Ouch. However, it is a top-level MT with all the option parts so, yeah. The value is there once you get past the sticker shock.

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