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Maclan Racing DRK 10000mAh 2S Drag Race Battery | CompetitionX

Maclan Racing DRK 10000mAh 2S Drag Race Battery | CompetitionX

Maclan Racing has announced the DRK 10000mAh 2S Drag Race Battery, a 2-cell LiPo made specifically for the No Prep racers!

This pack is based on the Graphene battery system and boasts a whopping 10000mAh! It’s built in a 2S6P configuration using ultra-low resistance cells, 8AWG wires and a QS8 connector, all in a compact 100x61x46mm package.

Quick Stats
Product: Maclan Racing DRK 10000mAh 2S Drag Race Battery
Part #: MCL6035
Scale: 1/10 Scale
Price: $209.99
Build Type: n/a

• DRK 2S6P configuration
• DRK ultra-low internal resistance cells
• DRK enhanced copper busbar for maximum performance
• 8AWG output wires
• QS8 connector
• Guarantee for better voltage retention for No Prep Outlaw Drag Race

What We Like:
Small, compact packs like this are all the rage in Drag Racing. They allow you to move the weight around, great for tuning you dragger to track conditions. This has become a major tuning thing so it’s great to see all the drag-supporting companies latching on to this. And, 10000mAh – holy hell. One pack for the whole day!

What We’re Not Sure About:
At the moment, these buddies are a bit pricey. Once they become more the norm, hopefully we’ll see the prices drop a bit.

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