Pro-Line Racing Axis T Bruggy Body | CompetitionX
Tuesday , 25 January 2022

Pro-Line Racing Axis T Bruggy Body | CompetitionX

Pro-Line Racing Axis T Bruggy Body | CompetitionX

Following the trend of questionable bodies for 1/8 scale Truggies, Pro-Line Racing has released the Axis T, a Bruggy body that uses a 2-piece design to wrap around the front shock tower instead of going over it. This exposes the front end quite a bit but, as we’ve seen, does increase the performance on the 1/8 scale Truggy.

This body features an ultra-low design with air channels all over to divert air around and to the rear wing for optimal performance. It comes with PL’s overspray film, window masks and a decal sheet.

Fits the Losi 8IGHT-XT/E, Team Associated RCT3.2/E and the Mugen MBX8T/E.

What We Like:
Today’s vehicles are so well thought-out that there’s really not that much room to increase performance. However, it’s nice to see body manufacturers trying to take the next step with the ‘Bruggy’ body. That’s about all I have to say LOL

What We’re Not Sure About:
The unfortunate side is that they aren’t getting any prettier. The original rule-testing body from Tekno was a bit of an eyesore, but this – whew, man. Maybe it’s the paint job because, honestly, it’s not all that great looking. However, I do get it – performance sometimes comes at a cost and there’s really not much you can do with the current state of chassis design.

PRO358900 Pro-Line Racing Axis T Bruggy Body

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