Saturday , 13 August 2022

Project: Tamiya TA-07 Pro – My Road to the TCS (Tamiya Championship Series)

A long time ago, I competed in the TCS (Tamiya Championship Series) event – it was so long ago that I don’t even remember what car it was!

I got the idea, though, to take one of Tamiya’s popular TA-07 Pro chassis and, with the addition of some TCS-legal aftermarket parts and some tuning, put the car in the A-Main at the 2018 TCS event.

So, here’s Part 1 in the series. Enjoy.

Part used in this build:
58636 Tamiya TA07 Pro Kit
54745 Tamiya Carbon Reinforced Lower Deck
54744 Tamiya Carbon Reinforced K Parts (stiffeners)
54743 Tamiya Carbon Reinforced A Parts (Bulkheads)
54724 Tamiya Aluminum Servo Mount
54722 Tamiya Aluminum Center Pulley (18T)
54751 Tamiya Center Shaft Bridge
54125 Tamiya Aluminum Motor Mount Posts
54720 Tamiya Carbon Front Damper Stay
54721 Tamiya Carbon Rear Damper Stay
54706 Tamiya Aluminum Counter Pulley
54705 Tamiya Aluminum Steering Bridge
54704 Tamiya Aluminum Steering Arm Set
54703 Tamiya Aluminum Suspension Mounts (05G)
54700 Tamiya Aluminum Suspension Mount – Separate (05G)
54690 Tamiya Direct Coupling Set (Spool)
54580 Tamiya Carbon Reinforced Hub Carrier – 4°
54569 Tamiya Carbon Reinforced Suspension Arms
54568 Tamiya Carbon Reinforced Front Uprights
54089 Tamiya Carbon Bumper Support
54072 Tamiya Aluminum Suspension Mount 1D
54069 Tamiya Aluminum Suspension Mount 1A
53823 Tamiya Aluminum Clamping Wheel Hexes
51565 Tamiya TRF419 Aluminum Gear Diff Joints
42281 Tamiya TRF418 Stabilizer Set
42216 Tamiya Double Cardan Joint Shaft
53709 Tamiya Flourine Coated Suspension Balls

Recommended tools for building the Tamiya TA-07 Pro:

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