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Redcat Racing Ten80 Education Program | CompetitionX

Redcat Racing Ten80 Education Program | CompetitionX

Redcat Racing has been working closely with an organization that wants to change the way traditional education is implemented. Working with the Ten80 Education team, they’ve provided vehicles to the students to help them understand science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in a whole different way.

Here’s a little more about the program provided to us from Redcat:

“Redcat radio controlled vehicles can be seen throughout the Ten80 Education racing curriculum, as well as their autonomous vehicle challenges. The students use select Redcat vehicles to learn what it’s like to own a real racing team. They get to learn about the importance of personal performance, team performance and of course, vehicle and race performance. Teams must come up with a sound strategy and have the fastest, most stable and efficient vehicle. It takes all of these attributes to win races. Race points, however, only make up one-third of a team’s total points. Like professional race teams, the Student Racing Challenge teams must have a strong R&D focus (Data-Driven Design and MODS), marketing strategy and work toward becoming leaders in the community.

Racing teams compete online in an annual points race, as well as face-to-face at Open Invitationals across the country. Points leaders and Invitational winners are invited to the NSL Finals where they use their customized Redcat race cars to compete in head-to-head on road and oval course races. Student teams can also modify their stock Redcat RC cars for autonomous driving (robotics!) or drag racing competitions. The teams are also required to maintain data-driven design projects, as well as using their enterprising skills by organizing pitches and presentations, business modeling, project planning, public relations, marketing and graphic design. The teams must also display their skills in community leadership.

The Ten80 Education team is comprised of STEM, education and business professionals dedicated to cultivating a STEM Ecosystem that unites and inspires the next generation of entrepreneurial thinkers and innovators, empowering ALL students to thrive in a world of constant innovation. Ten80 is transforming how K-12 educational institutions teach and how students learn, breaking down subject-matter silos and fostering systems that cultivate agile thinking, teamwork, leadership and deep conceptual learning. Using these core beliefs and Redcat RC vehicles, Ten80 educators have developed a solid curriculum largely focused on “hands on” project-based learning and competitions.”

Also included in the Press Release was this interview with Terri Stripling, president and CEO at Ten80 Education. It’s a good read!

Redcat: How do you feel Ten80 is changing education?
Terri: Meeting a variety of interests and learning styles, the suite of Ten80 Student STEM Challenges stimulates a love for math and science while helping students develop real-world skills. We want to inspire our students to think differently. Problem solving and innovative thinking should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, which is why we use Redcat radio controlled cars in our curriculum. We teach our students that doing things differently is a wonderful thing.

Redcat: Would you say that Redcat vehicles are helping to develop real-world skills in your students?”
Terri: Absolutely. Redcat’s RC cars help students to embrace their curiosity, engage in creative problem solving and make data-driven decisions, which prepares them for current career opportunities, but also those jobs that don’t yet exist.

Redcat: That is wonderful to hear. How would you say Redcat is helping to inspire this next generation to become innovative thinkers?
Terri: Redcat’s RC cars allow students to experiment with creative design solutions and find multiple approaches to solving a problem. Ten80 students don’t just follow car assembly instructions. They engage their imaginations and critical thinking skills to turn innovative ideas into realities. This may mean creating and manufacturing an entirely new part from their own CAD designs. Ten80 Education provides a broad, balanced and connected STEM curriculum that excites and stimulates youth while also providing a range of skills that will prepare them for a wide variety of careers. Using the Redcat radio controlled cars, student teams seamlessly combine and apply 21st Century Skills to analyze data, debrief and obtain vital performance information in order to optimize car and team performance.

Redcat: It is amazing to hear how much impact you’ve had on these young minds with the help of Redcat vehicles. We are so thankful for what you are all doing at Ten80 education. Thank you Terri.
Terri: “It is our pleasure and we thank you for your help and support.”

Pretty amazing for both Redcat and Ten80 Education! Love that our industry steps up for educational purposes!

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