Review: Maxline RC Closed-Cell Foam Car Stands
Monday , 17 January 2022

Review: Maxline RC Closed-Cell Foam Car Stands

Review: Maxline RC Closed-Cell Foam Car Stands

Keeping Your Cars Elevated in Style

One item every RCer needs is some sort of car stand to keep your ride elevated while you’re doing maintenance, rebuilding shocks or saucing your tires. Over my years I’ve seen quite a few different car stand designs; a 2×4 block of wood, small, clear Tupperware boxes and even used RC tires.

Those all work great, but it’s probably time to update your look! Check out Maxline RC’s Closed-Cell Foam Stands. These stands are made from the same material as competition RC tire inserts – a closed-cell foam that not only gives the ultimate support but also lasts a long time.

Product: Maxline RC Closed-Cell Foam Car Stands
Part Number: PTK-8320
Cost: $9.99

Type: Car Stand
Construction: Closed-Cell Foam
Scale: 1:12 / 1:10
Onroad Stand Dimensions: 152x87x26mm
Onroad Stand Weight: .3oz
Offroad Stand Dimensions: 177x100x52mm
Offroad Stand Weight: .8oz
Available Colors: Black, red or blue

What’s In The Box
Both packages, either onroad or offroad, come with just the stand.

Review: Maxline RC Closed-Cell Foam Car StandsPerformance
I received two of Maxline RC’s stands; an black onroad one and an red offroad one. Both are identical in look, however the offroad one is slightly larger and a double-stack, meaning it’s basically two 26mm stands glued together to make it taller.

Each stand has multiple cutouts; four round holes in the corners and 9 hexagon cutouts in the center. These holes have several functions; they lighten up the stand (not that it really needs to be any lighter), they provide a nice design and can also be used to hold your shocks during maintenance. Due to its added height, I found the offroad stand a little better suited for this than the onroad stand.

The onroad stand is a tad smaller than the offroad one, measuring in at 152x87x26mm in size. This size works great for 1:10 scale touring cars, F1 cars and minis. It even keeps 1:12 scalers securely lifted off the work surface.

Review: Maxline RC Closed-Cell Foam Car StandsThe offroad stands comes in at 177x100x52mm. Maxline has included the added height to help keep longer-suspension buggies and trucks elevated, which is does quite well. I’ve used it with my B6D and T5M and there’s plenty of room under the tires once the vehicle has been hoisted up.

One of the things I like best about them are their lightweight, boxy design. I’ve had other car stands that are made from carbon fiber with aluminum this-and-thats attached and really do love their look, but when I’m packing for a race they can sometimes be hard to store. Their odd shape usually means they’re crammed into an after-thought area, making them difficult to extract at the track without having to remove a bunch of other stuff as well. These stands are blocky, so you know they’re either going to fit in a space or not. This, to me, makes them much easier to store.

The Maxline RC Closed-Cell Foam Car Stands are great additions to your pit area. Their simple, attractive design makes them easy to use and transport without adding hardly any extra weight; great for those that travel via airlines. Being made from the same closed-cell foam as tire inserts, they’re also quite durable and should last a VERY long time.

Setup: 1=Complicated – 10=Easy – 10
Appearance – Fit & Finish – 9.5
Durability – 10
Value – 9.5
Price – 10

Maxline RC Accessories,


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