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Tamiya TT-02BR 4WD Chassis Kit | CompetitionX

Tamiya TT-02BR 4WD Chassis Kit | CompetitionX

Tamiya’s interesting TT-02B chassis is getting an R addition! It’s going to come with a slew of upgrade parts to make it a much more durable and faster version of the previous buggy. This should make this a really fun budget buggy for those that want the 4WD experience!

New parts will include:
NEW-Aluminum propeller joints
NEW-Carbon fiber damper stays
Item 22049: XV-02/TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit
Item 54501: TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Shaft
Item 54768: 06 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (17T)
Item 54993: TT-02B/DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set
Item 53793: DF-02 Two-Way Aluminum Rear Uprights
Item 54539: TT-02B Full Turnbuckle Set
Item 53791: DF-02 Assembly Universal Shaft
Item 53880: Large Dish Wheels (4WD/Front, 62/25)
Item 53881: Large Dish Wheels (Rear, 62/35)
Item 54211: TRF201 Rear Wing Set
Item 54815: TT-02B Reinforced Gear Covers & Lower Suspension Arms (2pcs.)
Item 54926: TT-02 Lower Deck (Hard/Black)

Quick Stats
Product: Tamiya TT-02BR 4WD Chassis Kit | CompetitionX
Part #: 58717
Scale: 1/10 Scale
Price: $TBA
Build Type: Kit
BUY NOW: https://bit.ly/3zzJ9w8

• Drivetrain uses Item 22049-oil filled gear to adjust the effectiveness of gear differential by using different oil viscosities.
• Diff. joint cups designed for this chassis kit for improved durability.
• New front and rear damper stays give more set up options of oil dampers and upper arms.
• Using front and rear universal drive shafts ensures stable drivetrain regardless of suspension stroke.
• Propeller shafts have plastic parts at joint sections of aluminum joint cups and shafts to limit wear of joint cups.
• Includes two rear wings – Neo Scorcher kit-standard one (transparent) and Item 54211 (TRF201 Rear Wing Set). Change wing stay when using Item 54211 TRF201 Rear Wing Set.
• Item 54211 includes two wide design wings to adjust downforce depending on running surface condition, and wing stay spacers also included to adjust rear wing angle.
• 4~6mm longer turnbuckle shafts help prevent plastic adjuster sections from deforming to ensure improved suspension movement.
• Steering linkage with flange pipes features improved durability by attachment using hex head screws and lock nuts compared to attachment using 3×18 step screws.
• Features full ball bearings.
• Comes with a carrying case dedicated for the TT-02BR chassis.
• Includes Neo Scorcher body (transparent). Original Neo Scorcher body not included.

What We Like:
Turning a TT-02 into a buggy seems odd, but with all the hop ups, it just might be a really fun ride! We can definitely see one of these with a set of dialed tires, ripping around the track! We’ll be giving it a go for sure!

What We’re Not Sure About:
With the harsh requirements of 4WD, durability might be an issue. However, with all the upgrades, maybe not.

For more information, please visit: www.tamiyausa.com


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