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Team Associated Apex2 Sport Datsun 240Z RTR | CompetitionX

Team Associated Apex2 Sport Datsun 240Z RTR | CompetitionX

Fresh off the release of the Hoon rides on the Apex2 chassis, Team Associated has announced the Sport edition topped with a Datsun 240Z body set.

The Sport edition comes equipped with independent front and rear suspension damped with oil-filled shocks, active rear toe and a full set of Reedy electronics. The body set is super killer as well – bright orange 1971 (or 1972) Datsun 240Z with fender-mounted mirrors, front air dam and rear decklid spoiler.

Quick Stats
Product: Apex2 Sport Datsun 240Z RTR
Part #: 30125
Scale: 1/10 Scale
Price: $399.99
Build Type: RTR

• For better handling, A-arm front and rear independent suspension keeps the Apex2 chassis under control during the wildest of driving conditions.
• Plastic body shock absorbers smooth out the bumps when cruising around the streets.
• Active rear suspension allows the amount of toe change to be adjusted through the suspension cycle, increasing or decreasing rear grip.
• A sealed center driveline keeps dirt and debris out for smooth and reliable power delivery.
• The Reedy 550 15-turn 3-slot motor provides plenty of torque and tire ripping speed.
• Reedy SC500X programmable brushed ESC (program card sold separately) and Reedy Sport 55015-turn 3-slot brushed motor.

What We Like:
We’re fans of the Apex2 chassis – we tested it on our Hoonigan ride and it fast and durable! Most should really be using this more of a street car than a Hoon machine, so it should really be a great car for beginners. Not to mention that body is super sick – reminds us of our 1972 240Z we had many, many years ago.

What We’re Not Sure About:
Ummm, we’re going to need a clear body of that thing soon please.

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