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Vertigo Performance HPI Baja Steel Clipped Front Axle Shafts

Vertigo Performance HPI Baja Steel-Clipped Front Axle Shafts
Vertigo Performance HPI Baja Steel-Clipped Front Axle Shafts

Vertigo Performance has stepped it up with steel adjustable front axles for the HPI Baja.
The retainer for the e-clip on the stock aluminum front hubs eventually wears down preventing the e-clip from staying on the hub causing wheels to come off in the middle of a race should a crash occur. Some just don’t like the idea of having the front axles solid mounted to their 5SC or 5B risking greater damage in a crash. We have relieved this issue by using hollow steel shafts to keep them light while adding integrity and reliability.

• Hollow steel for strength while keeping the weight down
• Bearing retainer, no more lost wheel bearings
• Adjustable wheel tread depending on hub your customers choose to run
• 61727 shafts are compatible with most 12x24mm wheel hex hubs which allows your customers to modify the front wheel tread in order to tune their Baja in the racing environment

Part #: 61727
MSRP: $16.00


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